How do you manage sweaty hands and feet? How do you manage sweaty hands and feet?
We all get sweaty, right? But if you are someone who sweats excessively, it can make you conscious. In fact, it can even be embarrassing... How do you manage sweaty hands and feet?

We all get sweaty, right? But if you are someone who sweats excessively, it can make you conscious. In fact, it can even be embarrassing to shake other people’s hands.  So what are you going to do? Are you going to keep your hands inside your pocket 24/7? Are you going to ignore all handshakes? As for your feet, are you going to hide it forever?

Hold those thoughts!

What if we say that there are natural ways to manage your sweaty hands and feet? Our tips are amazing, affordable, and easy to do so read on and make those hands and feet – less sweaty!

Best tips on how to manage sweaty hands and feet

Cold water

Surprised? Cold water can really help people suffering from sweaty hands and feet. For about 20 minutes a day,  soak your hands and your feet in cold water. Do this regularly and you would see the results sooner than you thought.


You can easily purchase rosewater from the nearest department store, but if you want something even more natural, then you can make your own. What you need are rose petals and boiling water. Get the water by straining it. Apply the rosewater on your hands and feet by using cotton.

Lemon juice

Apart from being healthy, lemon juice is also an amazing gift of nature if you want to cure your ‘watery’ hands and feet. One solution is to mix it with salt which you can rub on your hands and feet. Another one is quite interesting as you need to mix lemon juice with vodka. Just make sure you are not tempted to drink it, OK?

Talcum powder

If you are going to use talcum powder, we highly encourage to get those without scent. Use it for both your hands and feet and you are good to go.

Tea bags

It’s about time that you store tea bags in your pantry not just for an afternoon snack with girls, but for the hands and feet. We suggest that you get black tea. Get around four and place it in hot water. Soak your palms and feet for half an hour and feel its improvement after doing it regularly.

Baking soda

Who says that you need expensive things to make your condition better? Baking soda is effective for sweaty hands and feet. See, you can easily find it in stores or even in your own kitchen. Use around three tablespoons of baking soda and mix it in warm water. Soak your hands and feet for half an hour. While you are at it, make sure to rub the solution. Dry them after.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has A LOT of benefits and it’s not surprising that it is included in the list. Apply on the affected area and let it dry. If you must know, apple cider vinegar is effective in tightening the pores and it can make your hands and feet less sweaty.

However, if your condition is severe, it would be best to consult an expert so they can assess what your condition really is. They might provide you with special solutions according to your specific needs. But for mild cases, the above suggestions should work.



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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