Why you shouldn’t eat farm-raised fish Why you shouldn’t eat farm-raised fish
Most health enthusiasts would suggest that you eat wild fish instead of farm-raised ones. Well, they have good reasons for that. We have summarized... Why you shouldn’t eat farm-raised fish

Most health enthusiasts would suggest that you eat wild fish instead of farm-raised ones. Well, they have good reasons for that. We have summarized few of these so you can understand why you need to be picky when it comes to choosing your fish.

You will have higher risks of inflammation

If you must know, farmed-fish are known to cause high levels of inflammation-producing omega-6 fatty acids. For those who are not aware, inflammation in our bodies can cause a number of health conditions. You can have diabetes, certain types of cancers, and Alzheimer’s among many others. So if you want to lower the chances of getting ill, then you know what to avoid.

Farmed-fish are filled with antibiotics

Apparently, farmed-fish are raised in a different environment. Most, if not all, are living in crowded condition. That’s the reason why they are given antibiotics to prevent diseases among themselves.

It has lesser protein

We eat fish for protein. But did you know that farmed-raised fish contain 20% less protein compared to wild-fish? That’s a lot!

Wild fish are tastier

A lot of people can attest to this. – wild fish taste so much better than farmed ones that eat pellets. If you want to get the authentic taste of the fish, go for the wild kind.

why you should avoid farm raised fish

Cost of wild-fish

Yes, we understand that wild-fish can be more expensive than the farmed-kinds. But if you are going to look closer and weigh the advantages, there’s no point of saving a few bucks at the expense of your health.

How will you know if the fish is wild or farm-fed?

Let’s talk about salmon in particular. How can you say that it is fresh or otherwise? Here are some tips for you.

  • Wild salmon have darker reddish-orange color. The farmed-raised ones seem to be lighter.
  • It’s in season.
  • Wild salmon usually have fan-shaped tail. The farmed-raised ones have tinier tails because of the crowded condition.
  • It’s being labeled properly, most especially if you are ordering in a restaurant. If their menu doesn’t describe their fish as wild, then it is most likely farmed-raised.
  • Wild salmon are a bit costly. If you see the price as too-good-to-be-true, then that’s another signal that it is farm-fed.

Best dishes to make with salmon  

Since we are talking about health, we also find it beneficial to provide you with dishes which are both delicious and healthy. Here are some of our personal favorites.

  • Cedar pink salmon
  • Honey mustard salmon
  • Grilled salmon kebabs
  • Stir-fried salmon
  • Salmon burger patties
  • Garlic salmon with asparagus
  • Honey garlic salmon
  • Lime ginger salmon
  • Grilled salmon with avocado
  • Thai salmon
  • Grilled maple salmon
  • Balsamic salmon

Of course, you can also use other wild fish like tuna.

It is really important that you watch what you eat. You might think that you are eating healthy, but you have to consider how a product has been made or fed. Make sure you read labels. Better yet, do a bit of research on where to find wild fish near your area.



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