How to manage dry eyes How to manage dry eyes
If you are suffering from dry eyes, you probably know how annoying it could get. But just so you know, there are different approaches... How to manage dry eyes

If you are suffering from dry eyes, you probably know how annoying it could get. But just so you know, there are different approaches on how to manage it. Most of them can ease the pain and can even improve your vision. Here are some of the common ways to relieve or prevent this condition. But bear in mind that it is always best to seek professional help first.

Use artificial tears

If your condition is mild, you can manage your dry eyes using artificial tears. Mild cases are caused by a number of reasons. It can be because of excessive reading, watching television, or too much usage of computer. There are different brands of artificial tears in the market. What are the most recommended brands to date?

  • Systane Balance
  • Oasis Tears Plus
  • Blink Tears
  • FreshKote
  • Refresh Optive Gel Drops

Try to stay away from cigarette smoke

We already know the reasons why smoking is bad, right? But if you have dry eyes, quitting is not enough. You have to avoid cigarette smoke whenever you can.

Don’t abuse your eyes

This might seem like an obvious tip but most of us are abusing our eyes. If you have no choice but to be in front of your computer for hours, make sure that you blink often. Plus, give your eyes a break every 10 minutes and do simple eye exercises.

Take omega-3 fatty acid supplements

A lot of people claim that taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements helped them with their eye condition. Ask your doctor which brand and form is best for you. If you are not comfortable using supplements, then carefully choose your foods like salmon or sardines.

Wear sunglasses/ eyeglasses

Air or wind can also aggravate the condition of your eyes. Thus, it is advisable to wear glasses when outdoors.

Drink lots of water

If you want to improve your eye condition, it is also recommended that you drink lots of water – around 10 glasses per day. So if you are going out, make sure you have a water tumbler where you can easily refill it.

Take care of your eyelids

Apart from washing your face, it is essential that you take extra care of your eyelids. Placing warm compress can release the oil from the glands. This can essentially improve your tears.

Your doctor might prescribed Restatis

In some cases, your doctor might recommend that you use Restatis. It is not just for lubricating your eyes, it can also reduce inflammation. In fact, it can help your body in producing natural tears. As a result, your eyes will be healthy and moist.

Always remember that the effects of using Restatis is not right away. You might need to wait for three months to experience its effects. In addition, take note that you might feel a burning sensation on your eyes when you first use the product. If this happens and it seems uncomfortable, check with your doctor just to be sure everything is OK.

Do you have more suggestions on how you can manage dry eyes? Share it with us.



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