How do you relax while commuting How do you relax while commuting
Did you know that your daily commute can add to your stress? It’s as if deadlines, meetings, and reports aren’t enough to give you... How do you relax while commuting

Did you know that your daily commute can add to your stress? It’s as if deadlines, meetings, and reports aren’t enough to give you a headache. But if you know how to relax or to be productive even while riding a bus, train, or whatever local means of transportation you have there, things will turn out better.

This article will give you amazing tips on how to relax while commuting.

how to be productive when commuting

It’s possible to relax while on the road

Think of the best way to reach your destination

Say for example you are riding the bus, think if taking the train or other means of transportation will sit well with you. Of course, it’s not just about comfort. You also have to consider the speed and your budget as well. From there, decide which mode you should take. It should be the best one according to your needs and capabilities. When you know that you chose the best option and you convince yourself that you made the right decision, you will feel less stressed.

Make use of your time and be productive

Some people think that getting stuck in traffic is pure pain. But if you use your time productively, then you won’t get irritated that much. Some of the best activities that you can do while on traffic are the following:

  • Listen to podcast
  • Talk to your loved ones (hands-free of course!)
  • Plan your trip
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Read a book (if the traffic is just too slow)

We know people who schedule their conference calls at the same time that they are on the road. If you plan to do this, make sure that your mobile data connection is strong and that it’s good enough to attend meetings.


If you can listen to instructional guides on how you can meditate, we would highly recommend that. Do it before you go to the office and when you are on your way home. This is so you can start and end the day calmly.

Just go offline

Some people do this when they are commuting. They want to take advantage of the few hours on the road and they try to go offline. This is pretty healthy and if you think this is something you can enjoy, then go ahead. Once you are offline, you can appreciate your surroundings more. You can savor the view on your way home. You can people-watch and come up with nice stories. You can even daydream and that’s pretty good for the brain as well. It practices your creativity.

Bring a camera

A lot of people who commute bring a camera (apart from their smartphones) to capture seemingly ‘mundane’ but surprisingly interesting things on the street. Your camera gives you the power to challenge your perspective.

Make friends

But you have to be cautious if you want to make friends while on the road. Some people take their personal space seriously and they don’t want other people to bother them. However if possible,¬†start a small conversation and take it from there. Just be sensitive enough if other people are not comfortable with it.



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