Let’s talk about excessive body hair on women Let’s talk about excessive body hair on women
There are few women who experience having excessive body hair. This means they grow hair in areas where it is usually found in men.... Let’s talk about excessive body hair on women

There are few women who experience having excessive body hair. This means they grow hair in areas where it is usually found in men. They have prominent hair on their chest, upper lip, back, and even stomach. This condition is also called hirsutism. More often than not, the hair is dark instead of a light one which is normal for most people.

how to remove excessive body hair

What are the causes of excessive body hair?

There are different causes for having hirsutism. And the most common ones are listed below:

  • hormones
  • genes
  • medications


In most cases, this condition is associated with a high amount of male hormones or what we call androgens. Naturally, our bodies make these hormones but at a very low level and this should not affect the appearance of body hair. But if you produce too much of it then you might also get hirsutism. Apart from that, it can also affect your voice and the size of your breast. If you are suffering from Cushing’s syndrome or Polycystic ovary syndrome, then you are likely to have higher levels of male hormones.


If you must know, hirsutism can be genetical. If your sisters or mother have it, then you are likely to have it as well. According to studies, this condition is more common from people in South Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.


When you are under certain types of medications, it can change the levels of your hormones and you might grow hair on unusual areas. Rogaine and anabolic steroids are few of the examples.


What can you do?

Here are a number of ideas to remove your unwanted body or facial hair.


One of the easiest ways to remove unwanted hair is to shave it. If you have hirsutism, then shaving daily might be needed. However, use a soothing cream to avoid skin irritation. Other methods are tweezing and threading. You can choose the methods which you are more comfortable with. But you have to take extra care of your skin when you do these regularly.


If you want to try waxing, we suggest that you do it in a reputable salon. At least with this method, you can remove the hair by the root. But be prepared for a bit of pain.


This can be done if you don’t have sensitive skin. Remember that creams contain strong chemicals which can irritate your skin. If you still want to use it, try it on small amounts first.


Other people resort to laser but it takes multiple procedures to work, and at times, the hair still grows back. What’s worse is that it can permanently damage your skin. So you have to check with a professional if you will consider getting a laser treatment.

Lose some pounds

Some of you might think, ‘Is this for real?’ Yes, it is. Those who are overweight will need to lose more pounds. This will allow your body to create lesser male hormones.


Lastly, you can permanently remove hair with electrolysis. It uses an electric current and is considered pricey. If you do this repeatedly, your hair will stop to grow.

As always, you have to consult a professional if you are going to do treatments. If you have more suggestions on how you remove unwanted facial and body hair, just place it in the comments section.



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