Health tests and checkups you should do regularly Health tests and checkups you should do regularly
A lot of us are obviously busy with our lives. As adults, we have a number of responsibilities. Some are parents, others are working,... Health tests and checkups you should do regularly

A lot of us are obviously busy with our lives. As adults, we have a number of responsibilities. Some are parents, others are working, others have their own businesses, and we all have bills to pay. So sometimes because of the busy schedule, we try to push back regular health tests and checkups which are obviously not the best thing to do. But on this list, we will write down the tests that you have to give importance.


Yes, it is important that we regularly check our weight. Your doctors need to see your BMI or Body Mass Index. By maintaining a healthy BMI, you are decreasing the chances of having diabetes, heart problems and certain types of cancer. Once your doctor finds out that you need to shed off few pounds, then they can recommend proper diets and exercises suitable for your condition.


Cholesterol means the amount of fat in your blood. If you are above 20 years old, you should check your cholesterol level at least every four years. However, if you have specific health conditions like heart disease, then get tested more frequently. Don’t wait to reach your 30s before you get tests for cholesterol. Remember, times have changed and even young ones can be affected.

Blood pressure

It is also necessary that you have your blood pressure tested. If it is too high, it can lead to hypertension. This might even cause stroke or heart diseases. In fact, you can have your own device at home to check your blood pressure. When you feel something different or unusual, have it checked already.

Blood sugar test

what health tests should I get regularly

This is a simple test and should not take much of your time. Some people start to test their blood sugar regularly when they reach 45. Others who already have diabetes or are prone to having it start younger.

Skin check

You might think that this for aesthetic purposes, but having skin check is more than that. You don’t have to seek professional to do the monthly checkup. Have a self -check and see if there are moles and other unusual growth on your skin. Some types of moles can lead to cancer and as we all know, it can be treated easily when diagnosed early.

Breast exam

When a woman reaches 20, you should get a breast examination every three years. When you grow older or say already 40 years old, the tests should be done every year. Also, make it a habit to check yourself too.

Pap test

Again for woman, you have to get a pap smear regularly to check for cancers in the cervix. Young women should get tested every three years. Now if you are 30years old and above, have an HPV test every five years.

Colorectal cancer screening

This is done by checking if there are tissue growths called polyps. For those who do not have a history of cancer in the family, they can start having this test when they reach 50. But if you have relatives who suffered from this, then make sure to have yourself tested and checked as early as you can.

Bear in mind that you health is more important than your work. If you are going to think about it, getting health tests and checkup does not eat up a lot of your time. So why are you avoiding it?



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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