How to fix your body clock? How to fix your body clock?
Have you ever experienced just suddenly having a messed up body clock? Does it seem that even if you want to sleep on time,... How to fix your body clock?

Have you ever experienced just suddenly having a messed up body clock? Does it seem that even if you want to sleep on time, your body pushes you to do something else? It can get pretty annoying right? While some people would immediately resort to sleeping pills, we recommend that you try other methods first. This article aims to provide you with the best natural solutions so you can get back that proper body clock.

Resetting your body clock

Try not to nap even if you badly wanted to

If you take long naps in the afternoon, that can affect your sleeping time at night. Experts suggest that when you feel sleepy, you can instead work out or exercise. Naturally, the exercise will brush off that sleepy feeling and you’d be able to have a good sleep at night.

Get up the same day every day

how do you reset your body clock

It is also important that you condition your body and brain to get up at a certain schedule. Use an alarm clock and please don’t hit the snooze button. Once you open your eyes, we recommended to get up as soon as you can. Bear in mind that waking up is different from getting up.

Set up a sleeping schedule

Identify what time you need to sleep in order to complete the required hours and stick to it. That means, try to avoid late night outs or too much Netflix. That can definitely ruin your schedule and your body clock as well.

Stay away from gadgets

Some people think that using gadgets at night time can help them sleep. But quite frankly, it does the opposite. If you want to sleep fast, make sure that you stay away from gadgets as these can emit light. According to studies light from Television, laptop, or even your cellphone can be a culprit on why you can’t sleep right away.

Stay away from heavy foods and exercises

By now you know that exercising can keep you awake. It’s quite logical NOT to work out hours before your bedtime. In addition, we don’t recommend that you eat a heavy meal. This can give you heartburn that can, of course, stops you from having a good night sleep.

Improve your environment

Another important thing to consider is your environment. Make sure that it is conducive for sleeping. Your bed should be comfortable, your room should not be too bright, and the temperature should be just right. You can also play relaxing music and add scents. Just imagine yourself in a spa.

Taking melatonin

This isn’t included in our top recommendations but other health experts and doctors would tell you to take melatonin supplements. To date, a lot of people already claimed its effectiveness but that doesn’t mean you can self-medicate. If you are going to take this, make sure that it is under the careful watch of a professional.

But of course, cases like depression can also affect your sleeping habit. If you feel that your issue is way beyond simple resetting of the body clock, then don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor and see what the best recommendation is for your condition.



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