How do you avoid travel sickness? How do you avoid travel sickness?
Having travel sickness happens to most people, especially the young ones and the older generation. And this can make your journey a bit challenging.... How do you avoid travel sickness?

Having travel sickness happens to most people, especially the young ones and the older generation. And this can make your journey a bit challenging. There are a number of reasons why people suffer from travel sickness. Some people get anxious just with the thought of travelling. Others eat heavy meals which can also contribute to travel sickness. But the most important question now is, how do you avoid it? What are the foods you should eat and you should stay away from? This post will help you so you will have the best vacation from now on.

What are the symptoms of travel sickness?

how can you avoid travel sickness

Below are the common symptoms of travel sickness and you have to be observant if you or your travel buddies are already suffering from it.

  • looking pale
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Whenever you are going on short trips, make sure not to eat or drink anything first. Wait to reach your destination if you want to consume anything. But of course, the case is different for long travels. If you want to know what to do, then read on.

Best foods to eat when you are prone to having travel sickness?

When you are about to have a long drive or long travel, eat light foods a day prior. You can choose salads, low-fat yogurt, soup, and fruits.

When already travelling

Pack warm lime or lemon juice and sip small amounts whenever you are travelling. Similarly, you can prepare peppermint and ginger teas. This will help your stomach and digestive tract to act normal. And remember, be careful which foods to consume. You can have oatcakes, cheese biscuits, or even dry toast.

What are the other things you can do to prevent travel sickness?

Tip 1. There are ginger capsules available in the market and you might want to try it too. This should be effective in decreasing the feelings of nausea. Or if you want, you can make tea out of ginger and honey. That should do you good when you travel.

Tip 2. If you get nervous when you are about to travel, then you might want to take magnesium. You can have it a couple of days before you travel as this is known as nature’s tranquillizer.

Tip 3. It is also advisable that you take vitamin B-complex. This is beneficial for your nerves.

However, if you plan to do the above, always consult your doctor first. Ask which works best for your current health condition. If your doctor says it’s ok to try the above remedies, then go for it!

What to do when already having travel sickness?

  • Simply open the window and breathe some fresh air.
  • Sit still and try to calmly breathe, and remember not to look down.
  • Avoid strong-smelling perfumes and food.
  • Have a peppermint oil with you. A drop of it on your tongue can make a big difference.

Share these tips with your friends so you can have a seamless long journey with them. They will surely thank you for it.



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