Men’s makeup, are you ready for this? Men’s makeup, are you ready for this?
There is a fast-growing number of men wearing makeup, and we see nothing wrong with it. Did you know that in 2018, men’s grooming... Men’s makeup, are you ready for this?

There is a fast-growing number of men wearing makeup, and we see nothing wrong with it. Did you know that in 2018, men’s grooming products reached more than $52 billion? The number is far more different from 2014 data which is around $34 billion. It is expected that in five years time, it will reach almost $65 billion. All we can say is, WOW!

Did k-pop start the trend?

According to reports, the Asia-Pacific market is one of the fastest growing markets. It is believed that the K-pop groups and Chinese social media influencers opened the doors for males to wear makeup or to purchase beauty products. Young men are now seen with eyeliners and BB creams.

It seems male consumers are getting products specially made for them instead of having unisex products.

Not so much color

Male makeup users are of course, still subtle with their makeup usage. Apparently, most of them are still not fond of using colorful eyeshadows.

Youtube tutorials

how to use male makeup

Try to type ‘makeup for male’ and you would see a number of Youtube tutorials, proving that there is a demand for such. These are usually ‘no makeup -makeup’ look which females are also crazy about.

What are the common beauty products men use?

Below is a list of beauty products male use. Perhaps, you can try it on yourself. We will not be surprised if you go crazy and hoard more. Finally, you can understand why ladies buy a lot of beauty products.


You should not underestimate the power of moisturizing. It is recommended that you do this once a day, and twice if you are active. Also, don’t forget to add lip balm because your lips deserve some lovin’ as well. Here are the products that we recommend:

  • Cupuacu Lip Butter – Sol de Janeiro
  • Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E – Burts Bees
  • No Shine Lip Balm – Brickell’s Men’s Products


You can also use toner so you can hydrate your face even further. But remember not to use ones with alcohol as these products can dry your skin.

Exfoliating scrubs

If you want your face to look fresh and to have that nice glow, exfoliating scrubs might be the answer. Stop using lotion on your face! That is not going to work.


If you have dark circles around your eyes, and if you want to hide your blemishes, then your concealer is your best friend. You might want to get help in choosing the right concealer for your skin tone.

Brow filler and gels

Brow gels are also recommended for guys to look more ‘crisp’. Trust us, a great pair of eyebrows can instantly change your look. Just don’t overdo it and avoid making it too perfect.  Here are some of the brands you can try.

  • Boy Brow – Glossier
  • Brow Definer – Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Fiber Brow Gel – Milk Makeup

But of course, even if makeup can conceal all your imperfections, it is always important to live a healthy lifestyle to have that natural glow on your skin. Thus, make sure that you are physically and mentally active. Plus, try to stick to a healthy diet. That way, with or without makeup, you will still look fresh all day!



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