Best apps to help our mental health Best apps to help our mental health
There are a lot of reasons why people suffer from mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. It could be due to stress, physical health,... Best apps to help our mental health

There are a lot of reasons why people suffer from mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. It could be due to stress, physical health, drugs, genes, or brain chemistry. Whatever the reason may be, it has to be taken seriously or it could result to a fatal consequence.

Years ago, people suffering from such were tagged as plain crazy or lunatics. In no case that these derogatory words can help anyone. Fortunately, people around the globe are now more open and understanding about mental health issues. In fact, there are even apps that can help a person with depression and anxiety.

Do you want to know more about these wonders of technology that can support people with mental health issues? Read on…

Apps that can improve mental health


You’ve probably heard this a number of times but it is suggested that if you feel bad, writing or talking about it can help. That’s the same principle with Moodnotes. It lets you write down your thoughts as if you are keeping a journal. It also provides its users with positive perspectives that can guide them with their current situation. The downside is, it is only available in IOS. Hopefully, the developers would expand the app’s availability so it can help more people with mental health issue.


While this app cannot provide a proper diagnosis, it is beneficial if you want to assess your current mood. You just need to complete the interactive test and it shall provide you with your personal health assessment. Different users of this app swear that it helped them in so many ways. They are now able to understand their feelings more and do activities that promote happiness.

7 cups

This is an award-winning app that allows people with depression to easily deal with their condition. In the app, you can freely share your thoughts and can even chat with volunteers. Licensed therapists are also able to use it. In addition, they can do a number of activities which are said to improve one’s mood. The downside though is that most app users experience lags. They sometimes need to uninstall and reinstall the app to successfully enjoy all its features.


apps that can help mental health

A number of influencers are now using this app to maintain their healthy mental state. Kobe Bryant and Will Smith are some of the biggest names. Headspace highlights the importance of meditation to reduce one’s anxiety and stress levels. While most users find it effective, others think it is pricey and that it needs to be more cost-friendly. But some of them are fine with the price. In fact, a particular user shared that the practices in the app are similar to what he is having with metacognitive therapy. Thus the paid-service is just justifiable. If you are willing to spend money for an app that can improve your mental state, this is not so bad.

Why don’t you check out the options above and see which one works for you? But please take note that even if a lot of people testified about the apps’ effectiveness, it is still best to seek help from a professional.



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