Washing the dishes is good for your health Washing the dishes is good for your health
Many of us do not like to wash the dishes (by hand) for different reasons. Some don’t like it because it’s time-consuming while others... Washing the dishes is good for your health

Many of us do not like to wash the dishes (by hand) for different reasons. Some don’t like it because it’s time-consuming while others just don’t like the feeling of having wrinkly hands. However, research about washing the dishes might change your mind.

Experts say that washing the dishes proved to be beneficial to one’s health. That might sound odd but when you think about it, the study makes a lot of sense.

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what are the benefits of washing the dishes

Health benefits of washing the dishes

Improves stress levels

A study from Florida State University found that the chore of cleaning the dishes can be associated with mindfulness. Mindfulness, if you must know, is defined as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present. Well, you have to admit that washing plates, glasses, utensils, and whatnots require mental focus – and that alone is said to improve stress levels.

It helps us relax

One psychologist shared that washing the dishes can give you the same feeling when you visit a spa or when you get a facial. It was stated that the scent of the soap and the thought of finishing a task improves a person’s well being.

We understand that some people think dishwashing soaps have a strong smell and this does not sit well with them. Thus, we are giving you a quick list of products that you might want to try. Most of these are even gentle to your hands.

  • Basil blue sage dish soap
  • Pumpkin spice dish soap
  • J.R Watkins
  • French lavender dish soap
  • Dawn¬†ultra with olay

If you have other recommendations, most especially those that available in your local market, please add those to the comments section.

Other benefits of washing the dishes by hand

It is perfect for delicate pieces

While modern dishwashers have an option for delicate pieces, it seems safer to do it by hand (unless you are naturally clumsy). By doing so, you have more control with the amount of water and soap that goes with it.

It saves more water

People might argue that dishwashers use less water than by manually cleaning the dishes. That can be true BUT if you take water conservation seriously, washing the dishes by hand can be more effective in saving water. What you just need to do is to turn off the faucet when not in use or when you are soaping your plates and utensils.

It’s a basic life skill

Even if we are living in a modern world, we need to go back to the basics once in a while. Hence it is important that your kids know how to wash the dishes manually. Imagine if they go to a place where dishwashers are not available. Or perhaps there’s a power outage. You wouldn’t want them to leave their dirty plates for days. Would you?

How to properly wash the dishes

If you are not familiar on how you can properly wash the dishes by hand, here are some useful tips.

  • For pots and pans that are hard to clean, soak it with hot water first. Leave it for 15 minutes before soaping and washing.
  • Start with delicate ones like glasses and dessert plates.
  • Scrub every part of it, including handles.
  • Don’t forget to clean the dishwashing area as well. Wipe the sink and remove any food debris.


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