How to properly take care of your vagina How to properly take care of your vagina
It’s not really hard to take care of your vagina. However, for some reason, a lot of women do not give much importance on... How to properly take care of your vagina

It’s not really hard to take care of your vagina. However, for some reason, a lot of women do not give much importance on the proper ways to keep it healthy. They usually end up getting an infection and at times it can be painful. This is why we’ve created this short post. We want all ladies out there to be educated and to take care of the vagina the right way.

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Taking care of your vagina

Schedule an annual checkup with your doctor

It is crucial that you schedule a yearly checkup with your gyno just to ensure that everything is ok. Or if there is a need to cure something, then you can do it as soon as possible. This will prevent worse conditions.

Choose cotton underwears

We understand that there are a lot of sexy underwears available and it can be tempting to get few pairs. However, you have to check what it is made of. Experts recommend that you use cotton undies because it lets air in and can easily absorb moisture. Other fabrics will not allow that.

And here’s another surprising tip. It is encouraged NOT to wear undies whenever you are at home. Seems weird for some, but it’s going to help your vagina. You have to let it breathe! You have to give it a rest! However, don’t go commando when you are going to the gym. That’s just unhygienic.

Always use a condom with new partners

Even if you are already in the heat of the moment, never forget to use condom most especially if you are going to do it with a new partner. This is the only way you can protect yourself from STI or sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, wearing condom helps in keeping your vagina’s pH level balanced when you are having sex. This means all the good bacteria will stay and can lower the chances of getting yeast infections and UTI.

Use padded shorts when cycling

If you regularly use your bike or if you attend cycling classes, it is important that you invest a good pair of padded shorts. Not doing so might hurt your vagina.

Avoid scented soaps

There are a lot of scented soaps claiming that they can only do good to your vagina. But experts say that you should avoid those. Remember that soaps might contain harsh chemicals and your vagina does not have an extra protective layer.

Wipe it front to back – never the other way around

You should never wipe back to front or you are at risk of having infections. This is a no-brainer but a lot of women tend to forget this. If you have young daughters, teach this basic tip as well.

Symptoms of vaginal infections

It is also important to know the symptoms of vaginal infections. This is so you can immediately consult an expert and get the proper treatment.

  • soreness or itchy vagina
  • pain when you have sex or when you urinate
  • white discharge that looks like cottage cheese
  • bleeding after having sex
  • warts around your vulva
  • pain in your lower abdomen

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