How do you prevent and cure dry lips How do you prevent and cure dry lips
Dry lips can be annoying to look at and at times, it can hurt like hell! The good news though is that there are... How do you prevent and cure dry lips

Dry lips can be annoying to look at and at times, it can hurt like hell! The good news though is that there are multiple ways to prevent and cure chapped lips. If you don’t know where to start, we have here a list for you. Scroll down and never experience dry lips ever again!

Ways to prevent chapped or dry lips

Try not to lick your lips

Some of us believe that licking your lips can moisturize it. However, it’s going to worsen your condition. Your saliva has acid that can irritate your lips further. If you feel the urge to lick your lips again, drink water instead.

Use sunscreen

Yes, you can use sunscreen on your lips so that it won’t get burnt. But, if your lips are already chapped or dry, you might want to skip this to avoid irritation.

Use almond oil

If you must know, almond oil is actually an effective solution for your lips. It fights free radicals and has vitamin A and vitamin E.

Place cucumber on your lips

Did you know that putting cucumber is not just for the eyes? You can also use it for your lips to make sure it is hydrated.

Put balm on your lips before washing your face

Before you wash your face, it is necessary that you apply balm on your lips first. Your facial wash or cleanser might contain chemicals which can dry it up.

Make a homemade solution to exfoliate your skin

It is also important that you exfoliate your lips. You can do a simple mixture of sugar and honey for this. Or if you want to buy one, we recommend the following:

  • Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub
  • Clinique Sweet Pots Lip Balm & Scrub
  • Kiko Gentle Lip Scrub
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Polish
  • Frank Body Lip Scrub

Get a humidifier

Invest a good humidifier to ensure that your lips are always moisturized.

Skip matte lipstick or…

use a lip conditioner first. But if you want to maintain your beautiful lips, better have the moisturizing lipsticks instead.

Buy a toothpaste that does not contain harsh chemicals

Other brands of toothpaste contain ingredients that might ruin your lips. These usually have artificial flavors that can cause an allergic reaction.

Avoid citrus juices in the meantime

If you have chapped lips, you should not drink a lot of citrus juices like orange. This can dry up your lips even further.

Use petroleum jelly

You probably know this already but petroleum jelly is just amazing. It’s generally budget-friendly and you can easily buy this product.

Get aloe vera

Even ancient generations know how effective aloe vera is for wounds and cuts. Now if you have dry lips, aloe vera should do the same magic.

Drink lots of water

Nothing beats this so you better have a bottle of water wherever you go!

Do you have more ideas to share with us? Lips should be given much importance the same way you treat your body. We are excited to know your thoughts.



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