Is homeschooling healthy for your kids? Is homeschooling healthy for your kids?
More parents consider homeschooling their kids for a variety of reasons. For others, this seems to be an odd option and they believe their... Is homeschooling healthy for your kids?

More parents consider homeschooling their kids for a variety of reasons. For others, this seems to be an odd option and they believe their kids will not hone their full potential. However, studies show that kids who are homeschooled get high marks on standardized tests. Some of them are even good with social skills, debunking the myth that homeschooled children will grow up shy and afraid. If you are someone who’s caught in between, we will provide you the pros and cons of homeschooling. From there, you can weigh your options and see if this is healthy for your child.

Pros of homeschooling

Different kind of socialization

A common misconception about homeschooled children is that they are weird, awkward, and do not know how to socialize. That’s actually a total lie! Homeschooled kids have great social skills simply because they are exposed to people of all ages. Since they are surrounded not just by their peers and people within the same age bracket, they are able to naturally adjust to any given situation. In addition, homeschooling doesn’t mean the kids are locked up. There are programs made for them so they can also meet other homeschooled kids. This lifestyle apparently boosts their mental health.

The learning pace will be dependent on your child’s capabilities

is homeschooling good for your kids?

What’s good about homeschooling is that you can adjust the lessons based on your kid’s understanding. If he or she needs to repeat a lesson, you can do that. If they can finish it faster, it shouldn’t be a problem. This can’t be done in a traditional school because teachers will have to consider the majority, if not all the students before moving to another lesson. In addition, homeschooling is seen as a healthier option since your kids will have more time for other physical activities. They are unlikely to have a sedentary lifestyle like in conventional schools where students just sit most of the time.

Your kids will unlikely to encounter bullies or experience peer pressure

This is very important as we all want to protect our kids from bullies and bad influences. At least with homeschooling, there are safer. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spoonfeed them. It is necessary that you make them taste the outside world too.

Cons of homeschooling

Of course, there are cons that you have to take note of. See if you can handle these first before having your kids homeschooled.

The weight of responsibility for parents is big

Obviously, you will have to take the responsibility of being a teacher and the administrator. It’s not just about teaching lessons to your kids. You will have to meet certain standards and at times, coordinate with other parents about field trips and the likes. If you think you can handle the sudden change of lifestyle, then you can probably consider it.

Flow of income

Since you will dedicate more time for teaching, you might need to decline a number of projects. This means it will affect your income. Nevertheless, if you think you can handle all your financial obligations while homeschooling your kid, that should all be fine.

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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