Effects of movies to your health Effects of movies to your health
Most of us watch movies to escape our own reality. However, watching films proved to be more than just for entertainment purposes. It has... Effects of movies to your health

Most of us watch movies to escape our own reality. However, watching films proved to be more than just for entertainment purposes. It has its health benefits too. What are those? Keep on reading to learn more.

Health benefits of watching movies

It often makes us happy

health benefits of watching movies

Generally, watching films can make people happy. As we have said, it is an escape from one’s reality. It is like a mini-vacation where you can forget about your problems even for a while. That’s actually good because dwelling so much on your life problems can eventually take a toll on your health. It can affect both your mental and emotional health and eventually will manifest physically. Thus, watching films is ideal if you want to quickly take a break.

But you have to be careful when choosing a movie, most especially if it portrays a sensitive issue. Those who experienced trauma might not be able to handle films that reflect their own experiences.

It provides a new perspective

A lot of movies today are highly informative and show real-life situations. This will allow you to see life even if you haven’t experienced the same thing. It answers a lot of questions and opens your eyes to a different world – again, boosting your mental performance. Because of this, you will understand why other people behave a certain way and you become more compassionate towards them.

It inspires us

More often than not, movies inspire us to make our lives better. Have you seen the Pursuit of Happyness? You probably cried while watching, right? That’s how powerful movies are. And that’s exactly the same reason why you have to guide young ones. You need to see what films they are constantly watching. It can really affect their behavior and emotions and they have the tendency to imitate the characters from the movies. It’s something we all have to watch out for because it is real that kids may become violent just by watching movies and films.

It opens doors for better relationship

Watching movies can really improve your relationship whether with your friends, your partner, or with your kids. Truth be told, it is a good bonding activity. And with the technology we have right now, you don’t need to actually go out of your homes to watch films. The birth of Netflix and other online streaming service providers allow us to turn our living area into a comfortable movie theater. In addition, movies can be a good topic to open up a conversation and that can help you improve your social skills.

The next time your family or friends decline to watch a film with you, tell them about all the advantages and maybe they would change your mind.

Healthy snack ideas for a movie night

And here’s a bonus section for you. Since we promote good health, we would want you to stay away from the unhealthy foods we usually eat during movie nights. Here are some amazing ideas:

  • Homemade popcorn using olive oil
  • Crunchy beans
  • Kale chips
  • Tortilla chips and guacamole
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Fresh fruit smoothies


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