Things you should not say to a pregnant woman Things you should not say to a pregnant woman
Being a ‘soon-to-be-mom’ is a wonderful thing. Everyone practically celebrates a new life. However, it can also be stressful for a pregnant woman. She’s... Things you should not say to a pregnant woman

Being a ‘soon-to-be-mom’ is a wonderful thing. Everyone practically celebrates a new life. However, it can also be stressful for a pregnant woman. She’s thinking about a lot of things, from her health to her baby’s condition, and it wouldn’t help if we add to that stress. Being pregnant is already complicated and we should be more sensitive with our words. That said, what are the things you should not say to a pregnant woman? This post can help you.

Do not say these to a pregnant woman

“You are big!”

This is one of the most common remarks people say to a pregnant woman. While it may sound harmless at first, it can also be offensive. More often than not, a pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear a comment about her size (who does, right?). She might feel too conscious and probably limit her food intake – even if she is on a healthy diet. Let her enjoy her pregnancy!

Similarly, don’t comment if a pregnant woman is too small. Simply put, commenting about weight and size is rude and considered disrespectful.

“You look tired.”

Again, don’t make them feel miserable. While there are moms-to-be that look great, some do not look as fabulous as they wanted to be. They experience sleepless nights, headaches, and morning sickness among many others. If they do look a bit off, just keep it to yourself. Commenting that they look tired isn’t going to make the situation better.

“Did you plan this?”

how to deal with pregnant women

This is a very sensitive thing to ask and if the pregnant person isn’t sharing more in-depth details about her pregnancy, just leave it at that.

“Are you allowed to eat that?”

When talking to a pregnant woman, don’t act as you are a medical expert. And stop being sarcastic. Chances are, she knows what she can and what she cannot eat.

“Prepare for labor pains”

Unless you are being asked, stop sharing your scary stories. We want pregnant moms to be as relaxed as they can be. Remember, if she wants to know and understand birth pains, she can easily read the information online. That would be her discretion. But if the story comes from you without her approval, it isn’t really the best way to go. In addition, do not share with them your ‘sleepless nights’ stories once the baby is born. Having a baby should be exciting, not a nightmare. Encourage them instead.

“You HAVE to breastfeed your baby.”

We all know that breastmilk is still best for babies. But that doesn’t mean you have to force breastfeeding to a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, there are certain medical conditions that do not allow mothers to breastfeed their babies. Do not make them feel guilty just because they can’t.

“You need to have a normal delivery.”

While most of us would like to have a normal delivery for financial reasons, you don’t have to impose that she has to do it. Again, you are not a medical expert and only they can suggest if one should go for a normal delivery or otherwise.

The bottom line is, yes – be there for them. But don’t meddle with their business. Remember, if they want advice from you, they would usually ask.

Do you want to add more to the list above? Share it with us.



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