Is your boss bad for your health? Is your boss bad for your health?
Working in a toxic environment is never healthy – this is already established. But what makes a workplace a bad environment? It can be the... Is your boss bad for your health?

Working in a toxic environment is never healthy – this is already established. But what makes a workplace a bad environment? It can be the work demands, the low pay, the lack of benefits, your annoying colleagues, or your boss. Now, let’s talk about the boss. Do you think they are already affecting your health? You better read the rest of this post to find out.

What bad bosses can do to your health?

Heart diseases

If your boss causes you stress and anxiety, it may eventually lead to heart diseases. According to studies, people who remained working for horrible bosses have higher risks of heart attack. It was found out that if you are working in the same environment for four years, you are likely to increase the chances of getting ill.

Mental and emotional health

Apart from the effects on physical health,  toxic bosses can also affect your mental and emotional health. In fact, it can damage your personal relationships. A number of people confessed that because of their boss’ behavior at work, they are more stressed at home and they even get mad over petty things.

Is your boss bad for your health?

Here are some signs to watch out for.

Throwing tantrums like a kid

do you have a toxic boss?

We all have bad days, right? And at times, we might lose our temper. But if your boss throws tantrums regularly, that’s damaging for the entire team. Emotions can be very contagious. And if it comes from a person who has power in your office, imagine what it can do to the workplace.

If your boss is always mad, most of the team members will work in fear. The bad thing about it is that no one will be confident enough to speak up even with great ideas.

Looks down on you

While it is normal for a boss to give feedback or comments about your work, belittling you is a different thing. What’s worse is if they give comments when there is an audience. It’s as if they want to embarrass you. As always, there is a proper venue to correct your mistakes at work. Doing so publicly is never recommended as it can obviously affect your work performance and emotions negatively.

Out of this world expectations

Unfortunately, some bosses would expect you to work for long hours even when you are not supposed to. They sometimes forget that you have a life outside of the office.

They would force you to work even when you’ve already made it clear that you have to watch your daughter’s ballet recital.

They will call you up even in the middle of the night, forcing you to send reports.

They will regularly ask you to add more hours without even considering your personal schedule.

Sounds familiar? Then you might want to think if it’s worth it to stay.

While it is risky to just leave your job, you have to consider your health. Come to think of it, what if it is already too late? What if your health fails already and you can’t get a decent job? You don’t have to resign immediately, but if you think your boss is toxic, try to assess if it can be resolved. If you feel that it’s a hopeless case, then maybe it is best to update your CV and look for better opportunities.



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