Keeping your cool during the hot weather Keeping your cool during the hot weather
It is hot – and it can get really annoying! But as always, you have to remain cool and relaxed. Now, you might begin... Keeping your cool during the hot weather

It is hot – and it can get really annoying! But as always, you have to remain cool and relaxed. Now, you might begin to question, is that really possible?

YES! With the activities we have below, it will be. So, read on, scroll and learn how you can lower down your temperature in this very hot weather.

Activities to cool you down

Stay away from tight-fitting clothes first

It’s time to get out those light-colored and loose-fitting shirts you have in your closet. This will allow your skin to breathe and is generally more comfortable than tight ones. If you plan to wear a thin black shirt, think again! Studies show that doing so can easily transmit the heat to the skin. Thus, it will make you hotter!

Have a shower (not a cold one though)

Obviously, a shower is a must. However, we do not recommend that you take an extremely cold shower most especially in a very hot weather. This will just provide you temporary relief from the heat but you would definitely feel hot again a few moments later. Surprising, right? This has got to do with our body’s blood flow which can be hindered when we take cold showers. It is suggested to have a warm shower instead which might seem a bit weird but believe us, it works like magic!

Redecorate your home

It’s time to do some redecorating. A cluttered home can also make us feel hotter. What you can do is to make your space more breathable. Rearrange your furniture, keep things which you don’t need, and make sure that the air will flow better. It is also ideal if you get your windows protective films so that the sunlight will not easily pass through it.

Check your air-condition unit

One of the worst things you can do during a hot weather is to not check your AC! Before the temperature rises up, ensure that it is perfectly working. In addition, see if you need to change the entire unit and opt for a more eco-friendly option.

Or make a genius ‘cooler’

Now, if you don’t have an air-conditioning unit in your home, you can try this genius idea. Make some ice and place it near your fan. It should give you that same soothing feeling.

Make some homemade healthy refreshment

how do you beat summer heat?

What we love about summer is that you have an excuse to eat ice cream. But since we always want you to choose the healthier option, we suggest to try out some homemade refreshment. Why not try to make lemonade? All you need is water, honey, and of course, lemon. Maybe you can try out frozen yogurt. That’s actually better than ice creams, right? Or how about some smoothies using fresh fruits? Yummy!

Switch off appliances

Another way you can cool down your space is to turn off appliances if not being used. You might not notice it but your appliances can contribute heat. Hence, switching it off is necessary.

Get a portable kiddie pool

This tip might seem crazy but can be a fun activity not just for kids, but for everyone. If you don’t have a pool, and if the beach is far away from you, you can always get a portable kiddie pool. Just buy one from the nearest mall, fill it with water, set up an area where you can place all your homemade refreshment, and you are all good!

Do you have more ideas to share on how we can all beat the heat? Please share those with us – before we get all sweaty!



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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