Creative ways to make your kids eat vegetables Creative ways to make your kids eat vegetables
Feeding your kids vegetables can be challenging. We’re pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to this, right? However, it is our duty... Creative ways to make your kids eat vegetables

Feeding your kids vegetables can be challenging. We’re pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to this, right? However, it is our duty to feed our kids healthy foods even if they just want to eat hotdogs and bacon every single day. So what should we do? In this post, we will share with you effective tips to make your kids eat vegetables.

Ways to make your kids eat vegetables

Be the example

How do you expect your kids to eat vegetables if you don’t do it? Be the perfect example. When you are having dinner, make sure that all adults will eat the healthy choices too. Have a bit of silent ‘peer pressure’ so that your kids will be lured to eat the same foods.

Watch videos of kids happily eating vegetables

Use technology to your advantage. There are a lot of videos showing kids eating vegetables. Make your own children watch those.

Make veggies the first option

It would be a great idea if you serve vegetables first to your kids. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make them extremely hungry. But if their only option is vegetables, then they are likely to eat those to make themselves full.

Use butter to cook

The reason why kids do not love some vegetables is because of the bitter taste. To conceal it, cook using butter. As they say, everything tastes better with butter!

Ask for their help when cooking

Kids love it when they cook. And they will love it even more when they eat what they have cooked. You can ask them to prepare the food with you. Give them simple tasks like washing the vegetables. With this, you are raising a responsible and a healthy kid at the same time.

Create your own yummy dip

According to experts, kids are likely to eat vegetables if you will pair it with delicious dips. A parent tried serving ranch dressing and it worked for all her kids. You can make a homemade dip or dressing to ensure that all ingredients are natural and healthy too.

Be creative with your recipes

make your kids eat vegetable

You can try making a soup where you can hide the vegetables. Or perhaps cook pasta and replace the meat with veggies. This technique is effective and your children will not notice that they are already eating veggies. Here are some food ideas for you:

  • Baked sweet potato sticks
  • Grilled corn
  • Spinach bars
  • Fried asparagus sticks
  • Cheesy kale chips
  • Fried squash
  • Honey garlic broccoli

What processed foods can do to your kids

We understand that sometimes we are too busy and we do not have time to prepare healthy meals for our kids. Thus, we resort to processed foods like hotdogs. But before you serve it again to your kids, here are some of the negative things it can do to their bodies.

  • increases the risks for colorectal cancer
  • increases cholesterol level
  • increases blood pressure

Would you let these happen to your kids? We bet not. We just need to be more patient and eventually, you will see its rewards once they are older.

If you have more creative ideas, please feel free to share those.



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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