Owning a dog can improve your health Owning a dog can improve your health
Some of us own a dog believing that they are just good companions, or that they can protect your homes. However, there are more... Owning a dog can improve your health

Some of us own a dog believing that they are just good companions, or that they can protect your homes. However, there are more reasons why you have to get a dog. Did you know that they can improve your health too? Yes, they are also lifesavers.


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How can dogs help improve your health

Dogs can help you with your mood

Studies show that spending 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can improve your mood. So if you are feeling sad, there’s no need for you to call up your friends and get drunk. You simply have to cuddle your pet, and your mood will instantly get better.

Your pet can keep your heart healthy

It has been found out that dogs can actually promote a healthier heart. Dog owners tend to have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

They can help you with managing your stress

For some reason, dogs can calm humans. In fact, research shows that dog owners react to stressful environments better than those who don’t own one.

You engage in an active lifestyle

Dogs need to exercise too. And that is why you would see a lot of dog owners walking or running with their lovely pets. We do not have to specify all the benefits we can get from an active lifestyle. Simply put, you are improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

They have the gift to detect cancer

You read that right! Some dogs can detect certain kinds of cancer like lung, ovarian, breast, and bladder to name a few. They are truly a gift to man. Now that’s another reason why we have to love and protect them – no matter what.

Tips for first-time dog owners

Before you get your own pet, you have to consider a number of things. Remember, they deserve to be loved and you have to be prepared for it.

Ask yourself if you are ready

why you need to own a dog

Having a dog is also a responsibility. You need to feed them, groom them, and to visit their veterinarian regularly. Yes, it will entail cost and you have to prepare yourself if you are ready for it. In addition, check with your physician if you are capable of handling dogs. There are some who have allergies and can only take care of specific dogs.

Be patient

Remember that there is an adjustment phase for the dog. You cannot expect them to cuddle or be comfortable with you in just few days. Be patient and try to make them feel special. They will know if you genuinely care for them and eventually will be the sweetest companion.

Spend quality time with them

You don’t get a dog and just leave them alone! It is important that you make time for them. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of doing so, right? Plus, just think about this – you are your dog’s world!

Look for the best veterinarian

Lastly, you need to ask other dog owners where you can find the best veterinarian. Like humans, they get sick too and you need someone whom you can trust with your dog’s health – or life for that matter.



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