How to properly take care of your feet How to properly take care of your feet
Some of us would regularly visit a spa to pamper our feet. While we see nothing wrong with it, there are people who are... How to properly take care of your feet

Some of us would regularly visit a spa to pamper our feet. While we see nothing wrong with it, there are people who are always on the budget. And you have to admit, spa treatments can be quite costly. But does that mean you have to neglect your feet? Of course not. Who says you can’t pamper them at the comfort of your own homes?

In this post, we will give you a quick list on how you can properly take care of your feet. After all, they have been working hard for you. Don’t you think?

Taking care of your feet

Soak it

take care of your feet

This weekend, why don’t you soak your feet while watching your favorite TV series. Just use warm water and liquid soap. This is both healthy for the feet and relaxing for the entire body. Some people put Epsom salt but that’s actually not a good idea because you are going to dry your feet.


Yes, you have to moisturize your feet. The good news though is that you don’t need to buy a separate cream or lotion for it. You can use the regular ones. However, if you want to give your feet something extra special, here are the best brands we recommend:

  •  Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Foot Cream
  •  Flexitol Heel Balm
  • Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue

Change your shoes every day

We know that most of us have this favorite pair of shoes but remember, they need to breathe too! Make sure that you have another pair that you can use alternately. If you always wear the same shoes, it might be a breeding ground for bacteria. And since we are talking about shoes, make sure that you wear good-fitting ones. You need proper protection.

As for flip flops, save it for beach trips and not for long walks. Wearing it for long periods of time can lead to flat feet and it may cause more problems.

Similarly, please change your socks even if you just used it for a couple of hours!!!

Properly clean it

This isn’t rocket science but a lot of people do not know how to properly clean their feet. Always remember to thoroughly clean the ‘in-betweens’ of your toes. It’s simple. You just need to wet it, soap it, wash it, and dry it. Don’t be lazy, ok?

Use clean instruments

If you plan to clean your nails, make sure that your materials and instruments are thoroughly clean. If not, you might have an infection and that can be painful!

Cut your nails regularly

But remember not to overdo it. If you cut it too short, that can cause ingrown toenails. There are instances that people need to seek a professional just to remove their ingrown toenails. Trust us, it is that awful.

Check your feet

Lastly, it is highly important that you check your feet. See if there are any abnormalities. If there are, immediately consult a doctor and avoid self-medicating. You might worsen your condition if you do that.

Do you have more tips to share with our readers? You can put your ideas in the comments section.



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