What bad shoes can do to your health What bad shoes can do to your health
You might look cool or fabulous with your new shoes, but are you sure that the pair is good for your health? You see,... What bad shoes can do to your health

You might look cool or fabulous with your new shoes, but are you sure that the pair is good for your health? You see, when you have bad shoes (and we don’t mean the color, or the brand), it can take a toll on your health. And this is what this post is all about. We would like to share with you some of the consequences if you keep on wearing ‘bad’ shoes.

What are these ‘bad’ shoes?

When we say bad shoes, we mean the following:

  • ill-fitting footwear
  • high heels
  • inappropriate fastenings

what can bad shoes do to your health

Bad shoes and your health

Let’s talk about its effects on your feet first. And as you read the entire article, you would be surprised that it has effects on other areas too.

Athlete’s Foot

If your footwear is small for your size, you are prone to having athlete’s foot. You would experience flaking and itching. Both are very inconvenient, so to speak. Remember that this is contagious and that others might be affected. It can be the root cause of insecurity and embarrassment.

Nail conditions

When you wear overly tight shoes, that can cause some nail problems in the future. You are probably familiar with ingrown toenails, right? While not life-threatening, it can be extremely painful and cause a lot of discomfort. In some cases, experts need to conduct a minor operation just to remove it. Imagine all the hassle – just because you wore bad shoes.

Fungal toenail infections can also occur when you wear tight shoes and socks. Apart from the discoloration, it can make your nails weaker. Other people become so conscious about this condition, you wouldn’t see them wearing open-sandals or slippers.

Foot corn

Foot corns are layers of skin which were hardened due to friction and pressure. It can form below your toenail bed, bottoms of your feet, sides of your feet, and in between your toes. To remove this, there are over-the-counter products available. However, if you want to go the more natural way, you can just apply castor oil and corn pads.

And what about the other parts of the body? Can bad shoes affect it?

The answer is YES!

Joint pain

If your shoes cannot provide the support your feet need, it can lead to different conditions like knee pain and arthritis.  Also, remember that shoes without heels AT ALL can be bad for people who have Achilles tendon. So the best solution for this is to know your condition and ask experts the best footwear that can help you.

Back pain

If you are fond of wearing heels for long periods of time, you are more vulnerable to having back pains. Of course, we are not to say stop wearing it because admit it, heels give us that instant ‘sexy’ look. But, if you don’t need to wear such, stick with the low ones. There are fashionable flat shoes and sandals that can still make your entire wardrobe standout.


Imagine the effects of joint pain and back pain on your lifestyle. There might be simple things that you can’t do such as running or walking for a long time. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who can help you. In fact, some companies would tailor fit shoes just for you!




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