How to support people suffering from terminal disease How to support people suffering from terminal disease
When someone you love or close to you suffer from a terminal disease, it is heart-breaking. The emotional pain that we feel is just... How to support people suffering from terminal disease

When someone you love or close to you suffer from a terminal disease, it is heart-breaking. The emotional pain that we feel is just tremendous. But would you rather NOT do anything and just wait for your loved ones to leave this planet? That might leave a big room for regrets. But since things are different now, we need to be a bit cautious on what we do and what we say to them.

So how do we do it?

Below are few tips that might help you and the person with a terminal disease cope up with the situation.

Dealing with people with terminal disease

Be there


Your presence can go a LONG way. When your loved one is suffering from a condition nearly impossible to cure, it is both physically and emotionally burdening to them. The best thing to do is to make them feel that you are with them. Of course, we understand that you also have other obligations like work or your own family. But make sure to spend time with them if you can. If you really can’t, you can always maximize the technology. Call them up, hit a video chat, or send personalized cards. Bottom line is, make them feel special.

Let them talk

It is also healthy for the patient to release his or her feelings. However, this can be very hard for some. For them to open up, ask the right questions like, ‘How are you feeling today?‘.

From there, you can already start a conversation. But be sensitive and observe if the topics do not sit well with the patient. If they want to talk about their condition, their fears, let them. However, do not push them to talk if they don’t feel like doing so.


It is crucial that you listen to the patient. And while doing so, you need to also understand what they are saying. Remember, hearing is different from listening. Listening properly will allow you to get ‘clues’ on what he or she needs because sometimes, they are too shy to ask for help. You have to be on the lookout for those.

Offer help

Supporting people with terminal disease

If you feel they need help but hesitant to ask, you can initiate the topic by saying, ‘What can I do to help?’.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple gesture of bringing a glass of water or accompanying them to the hospital. Just do what you can without also forgetting your own health.

Talk to the carer

If there is a carer, you can also talk to them. This is a great idea so you can seek professional advice on what to do in case there are emergencies. This is not saying that you can replace them, or that you will take over. Again, this is just for emergency cases only.

Never act as a counselor

Unless you are a professional in the field, never act as a counselor to the patient. While we know that what they are going through is already bad enough, we can never fully understand it since we are not in their shoes. The best person for them will always be the expert.

Talk to someone

And if you feel that the situation is greatly affecting your life, it is also necessary that you talk to someone like your friends. Remember, you also have to release your feelings or it might affect your health. If things become worse and you feel you are bound to suffer from depression, you should also seek help from the expert so you can compose your emotions and can still be highly functional. After all, someone needs you to be strong for them.



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