How to soundly sleep on a plane How to soundly sleep on a plane
If you are to travel, most especially on a long-haul flight, it is very important that you get enough rest. Think about the exhaustion... How to soundly sleep on a plane

If you are to travel, most especially on a long-haul flight, it is very important that you get enough rest. Think about the exhaustion once you land. And let’s not forget about the jet lag. That is why it is recommended that you sleep while on the plane. However, we also understand that this can be very uncomfortable. Thus, we looked for practical ways that can help you doze off while you are thousands of feet above the ground. Not everyone can afford a first-class ticket that allows your seat to fully recline, right?

Tips so you can sleep on the plane

Do not eat a heavy meal before the flight

It is suggested to avoid heavy or fatty meals two hours before your flight. The effect is that you will feel uneasy or uncomfortable which makes it harder for you to be on snooze mode. So skip the burgers, fries, or pizza, and instead eat a delicious salad.

Say no to alcohol

We understand that it can be very tempting to drink alcohol, most especially if you want to sleep instantly. But doing so will not give you quality sleep. The alcohol will just work for around four hours and then after that, you will have a hard time sleeping.

Block the light

Light exposure isn’t going to help if you are trying to sleep. Better to turn off your small TV screens, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Even if they are considerably tiny, it can still affect you big time. According to experts, looking at your gadgets right before going to sleep suppresses melatonin release. Melatonin, if you must know, is a hormone and a dietary supplement that is known to promote good sleep.

Since we mentioned about melatonin, you should also know that most experts would recommend that you take melatonin supplement instead of other sleeping pills. However, further studies are needed to prove this claim.

Get a window seat

There are multiple reasons why we suggest that you get a window seat. One, you can lean your head on the side. This is easier than sleeping while sitting upright. And two, you do not have to wake up every time someone needs to go to the restroom.

Buy a good pair ear plugs

If you can’t bear the noise during flight, the best solution is to buy quality ear plugs. There is a lot to choose from and our best picks are the following:

  • Mirafly ear plugs noise cancelling, reusable soft silicone earplugs
  • Alpine Fly Fit earplugs
  • Simply Sound reusable noise reduction earplugs
  • SINEPHONIC earplugs kit for hearing protection
  • Earplanes ear plugs

Bring your security blanket

Well, we don’t exactly mean a blanket, but bring or wear something that will make you feel comfortable. It can be your worn-out jacket, a scarf, a pair of comfortable socks, or a pillow you owned for 20 years! The point here is, you would want to feel ‘at-home’ so you can sleep easily.

If you know more tips on how you can properly sleep while on the plane, feel free to share it with us.



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