Common activities that are bad for your eyes Common activities that are bad for your eyes
You might not notice it but your daily activities can be bad for your eyes. We’re pretty sure, we do not have to emphasize... Common activities that are bad for your eyes

You might not notice it but your daily activities can be bad for your eyes. We’re pretty sure, we do not have to emphasize how frustrating it can get to have blurry vision, or worse, no vision at all. So before that happens, you have to be aware of the things you commonly do but are damaging to your eye health.

Bad habits that are damaging to your eyes

Reading while on the move

We all want to kill time the most productive way. And what we notice is that other people read while on the road. They have their books or magazines and they read it in a moving car, or train, or bus. While it can give you that entertainment or new knowledge, you are giving your eyes a hard time. It will have to work twice as much to focus. This bad habit can lead to vomiting, headaches, and motion sickness among many others. An alternative activity that you can do is to listen to podcast and e-books.

Consistently rubbing the eyes

If you do this, you are prone to breaking the blood vessels under your eyelids! If you feel that your eyes are irritated, control the urge to rub it. Instead, get a cold compress or soothe it with eye drops.

Using your computers and smartphones for hours  

In today’s age, we are always in front of our computers. Or if not, we use our smartphones. While it is not entirely bad, looking at these gadgets for long periods of time can be dangerous to our eyes. It can lead to nausea, feeling dizzy, dry eyes, and of course, blurry vision.

So how do we deal with this? Give your eyes some rest. Have a break after every 20 minutes of using your gadgets. Exercise your eyes by looking at something very near, and then focusing your vision to something quite far.

Using bad eye makeup

We don’t mean that you have to buy the expensive ones. But if you are to apply eye makeup, make sure that it is a great quality. Drugstore ones are actually good. And also remember to check your eye makeup if it is still ‘usable’. Experts say that you have to throw your eye makeup after 3 months from the first time you used it. If not, it can be the breeding ground of bacteria which can damage your eyes.

Eating the wrong foods

Yes, what you consume can actually affect your eye health. If you want to protect your eyes, make sure that your daily diet includes foods high in Vitamins C and E. In addition, choose ones that contain zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Forgetting that you are wearing contacts

Or sometimes, we don’t forget it. It’s just that we are too lazy to remove our contacts after a tiring day. But that is a mortal sin. It can lead to an eye infection and even permanent eye damage. Now, that’s not a good sight.

Not having enough sleep

Your body needs to rest, and of course, that includes your eyes. We’re sure you’ve heard this but an adult should have an average of seven hours of sleep every night. We suggest to not use your smartphones hours before your bedtime as it can hinder one from sleeping right away.

Would you like to recommend more tips on how to take care of the eyes? Share it with us.



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