Foods to eat for better lungs Foods to eat for better lungs
Do you usually experience shortness of breath? You are considerably young but you feel that your lungs are older than it should be. You... Foods to eat for better lungs

Do you usually experience shortness of breath? You are considerably young but you feel that your lungs are older than it should be. You are not a smoker, you try to distance yourself from people who do, and your house is definitely free from thirdhand smoke.

What could be the reason?

Apart from having a clean and less polluted environment, what you eat can affect your lung health. And this post will help you by providing a quick list of what to consume.

What are the foods beneficial to our lungs?


This amazing spice can remove the pollutants from your lungs. There are various ways you can consume ginger. You can either mix it with your food and add an instant kick, or make delicious drinks.

If you want something easy to prepare, then just toss a quick fruit salad and a little bit of ginger. For drinks, a simple ginger tea should do the trick. You can add honey and lime to make it even tastier.


Of course, apples are included in the list. They are good for the lungs because it has Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Flavonoids. And these are all essential for your lungs to reach its full potential. Eat it raw, or choose from hundreds of amazing recipes. Just make sure to choose ones that will not require too much sugar.

Onions and garlic

Studies have proven that eating onion and garlic is beneficial for the heart, and this goes the same for the lungs. It can fight off infection and decrease the possibility of inflammation. How about making roasted potatoes with onions and garlic? It’s definitely delicious and obviously healthy.


Now is the perfect time to add this vegetable to your meal. It is known to decrease the chances of getting lung cancer. Other vegetables that have a similar effect are kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. You can make a healthy coleslaw or a mouthwatering cabbage soup.


And let’s not forget about water. Technically it isn’t food, but it holds a big part when it comes to lung health. Drinking enough water should help the blood to flow to and from your lungs. In addition, it helps in keeping your lungs hydrated, making it easier for mucus to flow.

And which foods should you avoid?  

Salty food

A little bit of salt is not bad. But too much of it can cause problems with your breathing. If you want to add flavor to your food, then try other spices and herbs instead. 

Bacon, hams, and hotdogs

You might want to say goodbye to your favorite bacon. Cured meats are known to have an additive called nitrates. Now, studies show that these foods can worsen the condition of people who already have respiratory diseases.

Carbonated drinks

This does not come as a surprise because generally, healthy people will not recommend carbonated drinks. It’s filled with sugar and can make you bloated. When you are bloated, you are adding more pressure to your lungs.  

Aside from the right foods, you also need to exercise if you want to have healthier lungs. But before you do, we recommend that you go see your physician to know the current state of your lungs. From there, you can already assess which activities are perfect for you.



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