Are you behaving properly in the gym? Are you behaving properly in the gym?
Unless you have a private gym, it is important that you behave properly, most especially that it is a shared space. Remember, there is... Are you behaving properly in the gym?

Unless you have a private gym, it is important that you behave properly, most especially that it is a shared space. Remember, there is a need to respect other gym-goers and the gym equipment as well. But the question is, what are the most important things to consider? What should you avoid when training at the gym? Bear in mind that your membership fee does not give you a license to behave inappropriately.

How to behave in the gym

Here are some practical tips which, unfortunately, a lot of people forget.

Ask for help

If you are a newbie, make sure to ask questions instead of pretending that you know it all. You do not have to be embarrassed if it’s your first time to hit the gym and if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. Ask questions because these gym equipment may require professional assistance. This is so you can reach its maximum potential, and of course to minimize the risk of injuries.

Give chance to others

Let’s say you are doing multiple sets on a machine, would you let others use it during your rest period? Of course you should. We know that this might not be the best option considering that you want to keep the momentum high. But do this out of courtesy.

Wait for your turn

If someone is using a machine, do not interrupt. Instead, ask politely if you can use the same while the person is on rest or break. But don’t stand beside the equipment to pressure other people to finish as soon as possible just so you can be accommodated.

Put the weights back to its proper place

When you are done using weights, place it back to where it should be. Not doing so might cause accidents to other gym-goers. And you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that, would you? The same applies to all smaller gym equipment.

Avoid swinging the weights

We have seen a lot of people do this and we hope you are not one of them. By doing so, you might injure yourself or you might ruin the gym floor just in case you accidentally drop the weights.

Dress appropriately

When we say ‘appropriate’, it means that you should not go around the gym wearing only your bath towel. That can be very uneasy for others to witness. Make sure that your clothes are comfortable to work out, and at the same time, other people will not feel awkward working out with you. Lastly, make sure that you are wearing the proper athletic shoes once you are in the workout area.

You might want to check these workout shoes perfect for different activities:

For women

  • Hoka One One Women’s Cavu
  • New Balance 860v9
  • Adidas UltraBoost

For men

  • Leistung 16 2.0 Shoes by Adidas
  • Conviction X 2 by Asics
  • Metcon 4 by Nike

Place your things in lockers or designated areas

Your gym bags should never be an obstruction for others to work out. Make sure that you place it in the locker. How hard can that be? At least you are securing your things, and at the same time, minimizing the risk of tripping.

Be of help to others

 If you see someone who needs help, either offer a lending hand, or look for someone who can (i.e. trainers).

Always dry the equipment

We go to the gym to sweat… a lot! However, it wouldn’t be a great idea to just leave the machine soaking in your sweat. That’s just downright gross, and have you ever considered the next user? You should always wipe the equipment with a dry towel after every use. And if your towel is already soaking wet, never leave it on the floor or the machines. Do not expect other people to pick it up for you.

Dry yourself after taking a shower

After taking a shower, always make it a point to dry yourself first. Do not wet the floor because others might slip and that can cause serious physical injuries.

Sometimes, other people are so caught up with getting fit that they tend to forget the basic etiquette when using the gym. Do not be like them and make the shared space really conducive for working out.



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