How to wash your hair the right way How to wash your hair the right way
Washing your hair can be confusing at times. From young, we were taught to wash it every day. But then as we grew older,... How to wash your hair the right way

Washing your hair can be confusing at times. From young, we were taught to wash it every day. But then as we grew older, we come across speculations that we should only be washing your hair a couple of times a week and that can be rather confusing at times. We are also still pretty confused about how to wash our hair properly when it comes to the actual cleansing.

Do you know that using the correct techniques can make a world of difference to your hair health? Yes, it does. So how do you wash your hair the right way? Here is how.

1. Rinse with warm water.

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Your hair should be thoroughly wet before adding your shampoo or conditioner. Start by rinsing it with warm water to open up the cuticle. This will help to remove the dirt, oil, and any hair products that are trapped in the hair. When your hair is rinsed with warm water, it loosens the oil through the scalp.

2. Condition first

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Often when we wash our hair, we always shampoo it before conditioning the hair. But if you have long hair, you should condition it before shampooing. This helps to protect the fragile ends from drying out and any other damage. Apply your conditioner through the ends of your hair then rinse it off. This will not only keep the ends of your hair healthy, but it will fill any holes in the hair cuticles with moisture, keeping it smooth with a healthy shine. The hair at the end of the hair is usually the driest and most damaged.

3. Shampoo 

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After conditioning your hair, you can then shampoo your hair. However, you only need to shampoo the hair at the scalp. The hair that is closest to the scalp is the youngest and can also be the oiliest.

4. Be gentle 

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Applying too much friction can damage your hair cuticles which could lead to breakage and frizzy hair which is why you should be gentle while you are washing your hair. Make sure your nails do not scratch your hair scalp as it can damage your scalp.

5. Add conditioner

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Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, you can then add conditioner from the mid-length to the tips of your hair. Leave the conditioner for about a few minutes. The longer the conditioner stays on your hair, the better it absorbs. Try to avoid putting conditioner on your scalp as the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated.

6. Wash with cold water

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Like how you finish off cleansing your face by splashing your face with cold water, washing your hair with cold water will help to shut your hair cuticles tight, sealing in the nutrients in the hair giving your hair a healthy shine.

HealthLoco Tip: Do not wash your hair twice unless your hair is really oily and dirty as may end up damaging your hair more.

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