Why do some people bruise easily? Why do some people bruise easily?
On some occasions, our clumsiness may give us a bruise or two. But have you ever wondered why some people bruise more easily than... Why do some people bruise easily?

On some occasions, our clumsiness may give us a bruise or two. But have you ever wondered why some people bruise more easily than others? An unsightly bruise can pop up anywhere on your body. The reason why you get a bruise is that the tiny blood vessels under the skin are broken due to trauma – like bumping your arm into a wall (or something).

Most bruises tend to disappear within a day to four weeks. You may also notice a series of colour changes as your bruise heal from the signature black and blue look.


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So why do people bruise more easily than others? Let us take a look at some of the contributing factors.

1. Age

The most common reason for bruising is due to age. When we grow older, our capillaries (tiny blood vessel) ages as well which makes bruising easier amongst older adults. As we age, our skin also grows thinner which also makes bruising more prone in adults.

2. Sun damage

Most of us are exposed to the sun daily. After being exposed to the sun for a long time, part of your skin is left weakened which makes it fragile. When it is so fragile, small slight bumps can cause the blood vessels under the skin to leak. Hence, you are left with a bruise more easily.

To put it simply, slap on that sunscreen.


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3. High body fat

The higher a person’s body fat, the more likely the bruise. This explains why women are more prone to bruising than men as women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat than men.

4. Blood disorders

Blood disorders

You probably have heard of Haemophilia but if you have not, Hemophilia is one of the blood disorders that can cause bruising, and if left alone, it can be life-threatening.

Blood disorders usually cause symptoms other than bruising. If you suspect that you have a blood disorder, consult your doctor immediately.

5. Intense exercise

Intense exercise

Intense exercise can sometimes cause bruising. That is because you have been pushing your muscles with much more effort which leads to tiny tears in your blood vessels, causing bruising. If you notice bruising after an intense workout, try to alleviate it by trying the “RICE” method.

  • Rest
  • Ice the are
  • Compression – lightly wrap the muscles
  • Elevation  – raise your arms or legs above your head

6. Too much alcohol


Studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol can cause your blood to thin and decrease vitamin C levels. These are essential to helping the skin and blood vessel withstand impact. If you are one that loves boozing on alcohol, try to reduce the amount you drink, and always drink in moderation.

7. Cancer

This is unlikely but it may be possible that your bruises are a sign of cancer. An example would be leukaemia. If you feel tired, weak, and achy all the time, give your doctor a call and schedule an appointment. Effortless weight loss can also be a sign, especially if you are not trying to lose weight.

What can you do?

1. Cool it, then heat it

Bruise easily

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Most bruises go away on its own. However, some may need extra care and attention in order to contain it. Within the first 24 hours of your bruise, put ice on it to cool it and slow down the blood flow to the affected area. Once the swelling decreases, apply a warm compress to speed up the healing.

2. Eat foods high in vitamin K


Be sure to eat enough vitamin K. You can find this vitamin in leafy greens such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage.

3. Declutter your room

white bedsheet

One way to prevent any more clumsy accidents is to clean up your living space. Maybe then you will lessen that clumsy bump or two and prevent your chances of bruising.

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