Signs that technology is taking over our lives Signs that technology is taking over our lives
Technology is supposed to be a means to make our lives easier. We should always be in control and not let gadgets control our... Signs that technology is taking over our lives

Technology is supposed to be a means to make our lives easier. We should always be in control and not let gadgets control our lives, decisions, and social life. However, over the years, we started to become more dependent on technology. It is a sign that technology is taking over our lives.

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1. Spending time with the internet instead of with loved ones

Dinner and lunch used to be a time where people catch up with one another in their lives. It is also a time where family members get to spend quality time with each other. Now, instead of talking to people and spending time with our loved ones, we get our news and information from the internet and online social media platforms. It is a sigh that technology is taking over our lives.

Dinner time now looks like this.

Phone gathering


It looks as if you are out on a date with your cell phones and devices instead of spending time with your loved ones.

Even phones are more interesting than the food.

When was the last time you sat down and had a family dinner without touching your phone or with the television on? The internet is an amazing resource that can connect you with people without you being there with them. However, it cannot give you the value of spending time with your loved ones.

In the past, reunion lunch or dinner was about sitting down and catching up on lives, playing family games and having fun. Now, if you notice, everyone just sits down on the couch and uses their phones. And even on the dining table, people browse their phone and text instead of talking with the people sitting around you.

2. We record memories, not experience it

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It is great to take pictures while you are on a holiday for a keepsake and for memories of your trip, however, some people are obsessed with taking pictures and posting them on social media every hour. Though it is great to let your friends know that you are having a great time on your holiday. It would be better to just sit back, put your devices away, and take in the full experience of your holiday.

After all, it only lasts for a few days right?

3. Recording instead of helping

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We always come across videos on Facebook on people getting beat up or accidents. Ever wonder where those videos come from?

Nowadays, whenever an accident occurs, people whip out their phones to record the incident instead of offering help to the individual in need. Though recording the incident might be a way to let other people know and the precaution to take about what was happening, people are recording more instead of helping.

It is sad, really.

4. Payments

Cash and laptop

In the past, we used to have cash on us and make payments using cash.

Now, payments can now be made over the internet. You can make payment with your phone and even on your smartwatch! All you have to do is add in your credit card details and it is done. You can even transfer money over the internet!

It is now a habit for most people to go cashless and it is not surprising why.

But, think about this. If for one day, the entire city or the world dies of electricity, and cash is the only way you can pay for food, what is going to happen to you when you have no cash at all because all your money is online?

Well, most of us may make do with the food that we have at home. What are the odds of it happening right?

5. Toys and entertainment

With technology being so integrated, not even children are spared.

If we think back about, our childhood is about having fun with our friends, playing with dolls, playing with cars, running and screaming in the playground, getting outside and making a mess out of our clothes, being mischievous, and doing things which make our mother shout and nag at us,

Nowadays, children do not play outside much. Instead, their childhood is filled with phones and tablets. Children are given phones and tablets to play with. Yes, having games to play with and videos to watch can be fun.

When your kid is young, they should spend a good time with you to enjoy their childhood and not facing computers, phones, and tablets for entertainment.

Child with tablet

Photo: Appleiphoneschool

For kids, their childhood is an important time in their lives. When was the last time we actually saw kids playing together in a playground?

It is pretty rare nowadays.


After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing so on your phone.

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