The healthiest choices at a Thai food restaurant The healthiest choices at a Thai food restaurant
With Thai food being so flavourful and fiery, it is not difficult to understand why we are so fond of it. However, asides from... The healthiest choices at a Thai food restaurant

With Thai food being so flavourful and fiery, it is not difficult to understand why we are so fond of it. However, asides from being flavour-bombs, many items on the menu are also massive calorie-bombs. What are the lesser evils you can choose in the name of cutting out some unwanted calories? Check out our list below.

Easy swaps you can make

Instead of spring rolls, go for…

Summer rolls

Unlike the oil-soaked spring rolls, the fresh vegetable spring rolls packed with lettuce, basil, and minced meat are light and low calorie.

Chicken summer rolls

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Instead of curries, go for…

Tom Yum Goong

Not to be mixed up with Tom Khaa, which is Tom Yum but with coconut milk added. Arguably creamier and better tasting than Tom Yum Goong, but with a half cup of coconut milk containing over 200 calories and more than a day’s worth of saturated fat, we suggest sticking with Tom Yum Goong instead. Loaded with shrimp and mushroom, we say Tom Yum Goong is equally spicy, sour, savoury and just as addictive. Restrain yourself from the coconut milk, and you will save extra calories to spend on other dishes.

tom yum goong

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Instead of Pla Lard Prik (Thai fried fish), go for…

Pla Nueng Manao (Thai steamed fish in lime sauce)

We can understand why thai fried fish is a popular option due to its flavourful sweet and sour tamarind sauce and crispy outer layer. However, we would rather give the oil-soaked snapper a miss, and go for steamed or poached fish options. The Pla Nueng Manao is a whole steamed fish, a great source of lean protein, and the sauce it comes with is low on calories.


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Other dishes

Satay (Grilled chicken skewers)

Go easy on the peanut dipping sauce, and the lean chicken can act as a healthy protein option.

thai chicken sate

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Gai Pad Mamuang (Stir fried chicken with cashews)

A low carb option, the chicken and cashews provide a nice dose of protein. The cashews provide a source of healthy fats, but too many cashews can cause the calories to rack up quickly. Do note that one dish usually serves two or more people, so watch your portions and share this dish to avoid inhaling an unwanted number of calories.

cashew chicken thai

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Phở (Beef noodle soup)

Aka, Thai’s take on beef noodles. This dish is a soup-based dish, which means you’re not going to get the extra oil that comes from frying.

Similar to chicken soup, it features noodles in a hearty soup – a perfect comfort food. While rice noodles may not be the healthiest carb you can have, it is not the worst.

It also has protein from the beef and the beansprouts will also help to meet your daily vegetable intake.


Image: SimplyAsia


One good thing about Thai cuisine is that they pack a fiery punch. Chilli kick-starts your metabolism as well as flattens your blood sugar level after a meal, meaning that no massive hike in blood-sugar levels and sugar cravings later on in the day. Bonus! Bring on the thai food!


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