8 proven health benefits of sweating 8 proven health benefits of sweating
Ah sweating. Part and parcel of everyday life. No matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re not in an air-conditioned place (and maybe... 8 proven health benefits of sweating

Ah sweating. Part and parcel of everyday life. No matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re not in an air-conditioned place (and maybe sometimes even then), then it is a certainty that you’ll start to sweat. Subjected to the hot and humid weather almost 24/7, sweating is a state we’re constantly in, and trying to get out of.

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Yet, sweating alone brings with it numerous benefits, that should make all us sweaty people rejoice. You don’t even have to start exercising to get these benefits, as the heat forces it upon us. So why not be thankful for them, for once? Here are the benefits which you get simply by sweating.

1. Detoxify your body

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One of the best things about sweating is that it helps detoxify your body. Any toxic metals or chemicals which you may have taken into your body is excreted through your sweat. Some studies have shown that those with high mercury content in their system returned to a safe amount after sweating. They also were found to have lower levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead.

BPA poisoning can also be alleviated through sweating.

2. Promote Healthier Skin

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Like our gut, the skin has its own microbiome balance to keep it healthy. Sweating helps to maintain this balance of healthy skin bacteria, while also removing bacteria that causes acne.

3. Defeat Harmful Microbes

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Some studies have also shown that sweating keeps your immune system strong. It cuts your chances of getting the flu by a third. This happens as sweat contains antimicrobial proteins which binds with bacteria and viruses in the body, and thus helps to flush out toxins and destroy germs. The heat which causes you to sweat also helps to kill infections and viruses.

4. Protect the Heart

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Sweating, be it from exercise, sauna, or just a day out in the sun, also helps increase blood circulation, while strengthening the cardiovascular system. Research carried out on those who frequent the saunas found that they were the least likely to have a negative cardiovascular event occurring.

5. Speed Recovery After Exercise

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As stated in the point above, sweating improves blood circulation throughout the body. This helps the body to recover from illness, injury and muscle strain faster, with an added benefit of promoting the production of growth hormone, enabling the body to quickly repair itself.

6. Lower Stress Hormones

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Sweating releases endorphins in your body, which helps to boost your mood, making you happier while countering anxiety and depression. Furthermore, sweating activates a response in your body which allows you to relax, digest food more efficiently and to recover.

7. Decrease Risk of Alzheimer’s

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A combination of the above benefits from sweating all contributes to the fight against Alzheimer’s. From the detox of metals, to the promotion of relaxation and calmness, while improving focus, and causing greater blood flow to the brain, all these effects help combat Alzheimer’s. A study showed that men who went to the sauna more often are less prone to getting Alzheimer’s.

8. Boost Sexual Drive and Attraction

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Strangely enough, for men, sweat seems to have the effect of attraction on women, most probably due to the pheromones that are excreted with the sweat. Although we are not able to smell these pheromones, our brains are able to detect them.

Don’t be afraid to sweat! Nonetheless, do keep in mind that sweating, especially heavy sweating, will result in you losing water and electrolytes. So ensure that you hydrate yourself after an intense sweating session. Coconut water is a great way to do so!


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