Unwritten gym rules you’ve been breaking Unwritten gym rules you’ve been breaking
Gym. The place you have a love-hate relationship with. At times, you literally have to haul your butt there. At other times, you bounce... Unwritten gym rules you’ve been breaking

Gym. The place you have a love-hate relationship with.

At times, you literally have to haul your butt there. At other times, you bounce in full of energy, eager to try out new workout moves.

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One thing is for certain – when you leave, you’ll leave a better man (or woman).

So whether you’re looking to get toned or want to maintain your physic, the gym’s where you want to be.

But wait up. Before you even think of stepping foot in there, it is absolutely essential to know the secret code of conduct at the gym.

Trust us, it will save you a whole lot of judgemental stares and gain you that bro-respect from other gym-goers.


1. Bring a towel (or two)

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You towel serves a few purposes here. Firstly, wiping off your sweat. Secondly, do you even know how clean these benches are?

Placing a towel over where you’re going to be sitting for that press-up will not only protect your skin from whatever nasties left behind by the previous users; and make sure that you don’t leave sweat stains behind.

Oh, and you’re lying if you say that you don’t sweat at the gym.

2. Put it back

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You don’t go to a friend’s house and start throwing things around. That’s just rude.

It’s the same at the gym: you don’t want to leave the equipment you’ve used lying around on the floor.

3. Keep your eyes to yourself

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Guys, never ogle at female gym-goers. Ladies, stop checking out his biceps.

People are in the gym to train. If you’re looking to get a date, we recommend tinder. And it’s also a form of respect for other parties.

Unless you want to find yourself reported, focus on counting your reps instead.

4. Share

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Depending on the gym you frequent, the amount of equipment varies.

Some smaller gyms may only have two treadmills, or a single bench press.

So if others need to use the equipment that you’re on, go with the flow and change up whatever workout plans you have.

After all, sharing is caring!

5. Spot, not lift

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If you’re spotting for someone else, be sure to do just that.

Many spotters make the mistake of lifting the weights itself. Remember that you’re there to spot and assist them if they fail.

6. Minimise unnecessary noises

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By that, we mean sounds that don’t need to be vocalised. This includes grunts, exclamations of “yes!”, noisy inhales/exhales and phone calls.

Of course, we don’t expect you to work out as silent as a mouse, but do be mindful of your own noise level.

And sometimes, these grunts are just too much.

7. No selfies

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Seriously, stop. The mirrors in the gym are supposed to help you make sure you have the proper form and technique. They’re not there to help you add to your IG feed.

8. Deodorant

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Everyone can smell your B.O. Acting like you don’t know who that stench belongs to is not fooling anyone.

For that reason, keep a bottle of deodorant in your gym bag, just in case. You don’t want to be the one stinking up the place. It’s not cool.

9. Personal space is important

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For those who still don’t know how much space is considered acceptable, this is for you.

Working out in front of the mirror: Two arm’s length between you and the next person

On yoga mats: One arm’s length

Stay within these limits to avoid getting being termed as the gym creep!

10. Shame if you slam

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You’re going about your reps, thinking about the great post-workout meal you’re going to have afterwards, when BAM!

You hear a loud bang and feel the ground shake slightly. All eyes swerve around to look at the dude who just dropped his dumbbells.

There are some weights that are meant to be dropped (think bumper plates), but most weights will break under the pressure.

If you can’t cope with the heavier loads, start small. And it’s not cool slamming those weights. Big rookie mistake.

11. Channel surfing

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Again, the gym is a shared space. Don’t just start changing TV stations at your fancy. If you do so, get ready for the stares and frowns headed your way.

Gym clubs also have specific channels they pick to set a certain mood, so ask the front desk before you watch American Idol at the gym.


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How many of these are you guilty for at the gym? If none, then congratulations: you’ve surpassed most others.

So the next time you witness someone breaching those rules, not so subtly direct them to this code of conduct. Both of you will have a better time at the gum afterwards.


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