5 Essential oils to boost fat loss 5 Essential oils to boost fat loss
Exercise and a sensible diet do wonders to keep you in shape. That’s not all you can do to boost your fat loss efforts. Certain... 5 Essential oils to boost fat loss

Exercise and a sensible diet do wonders to keep you in shape.

That’s not all you can do to boost your fat loss efforts. Certain essential oils are able to aid in your fat loss journey too. They help by increasing your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day. This allows your body to burn more calories without even trying! Why not, if it works?

Here are some essential oils to supplement your diet!

1. Ginger oil

Ginger, the fragrant root that the oil originates from, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, ginger oil itself is able to reduce inflammation in the body, supporting the immune system. This is important as the body may be missing out on vitamins required if you’re reducing your food intake. It also assists in the absorption of other minerals, making sure you’re getting the most out of your food!

Additionally, it reduces sugar cravings, preventing you from reaching for that cookie!

Ginger and Turmeric Powder

2. Cinnamon oil

Love the smell of a freshly baked cinnamon roll? Then you’ll love this one.

In addition to giving your metabolism a boost, the cinnamon essential oil contains some other great benefits. This essential oil has been shown to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, in addition to curbing cravings for certain foods.

Selective Focus Photography of Cinnamon

3. Lemon oil

Love the taste of lemon-infused water? Or maybe you’re already starting the day with one.

Why not try replacing the lemon with lemon essential oils instead? If you’re wondering what the difference is, lemon essential oil does not contain citric acid, so even those with sensitive stomachs would be able to ingest it.

Lemon oils contain higher quantities of limonene than lemon juice. This compound makes the oil so much more powerful in terms of being an antioxidant.

Even in ancient times, this oil was used to cleanse the body of toxins and support the immune system. Mix in some honey into your lemon-infused water to take it to the next level!

Sliced Lemon

4. Grapefruit oil

The citrusy aroma is sure to brighten any room! A whiff of this does wonders to pump up your mood and energy!

Besides being a great way to start your day, grapefruit oil aids in the psychological aspect of fat loss.

This works by reducing stress and anxiety which can prevent weight loss. If you’re constantly high-strung, you may end up consuming more than what you normally would.

In the long run, these bad food choices will accumulate and cause weight gain in time to come. Stress, which triggers fat storage, is also reduced, thus aiding weight loss efforts.

Slice Grapefruit

5. Lavender oil

Many of us don’t get enough sleep. Whether it’s staying up watching Game of Thrones reruns or simply not being able to fall asleep, a lack of sleep affects our body’s fat-burning abilities. 

Without sufficient sleep, you’ll feel significantly hungrier during the day, less satisfied after eating, and become too tired to exercise. You also risk your metabolism slowing down, undoing the effects of your diet!

Enter lavender oil: It offers a soothing aroma to you get a restful night’s sleep, and contributes to you waking up feeling energised!

So now you know which oils to diffuse before bed!

Flat Lay Photography of Purple Clustered Flowers on Wood Plank


There’s no miracle solution to weight loss – it takes time and effort to see results. However, if you’re looking for that bit of extra push, essential oils are there to help you along the way!



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