The coconut water craze: 5 proven benefits The coconut water craze: 5 proven benefits
Coconut water has been enjoying its celebrity status since it emerged on the scene in 2004. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll be able to... The coconut water craze: 5 proven benefits

Coconut water has been enjoying its celebrity status since it emerged on the scene in 2004. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll be able to see an army of coconut water lined up ready for you to place them in your baskets. Not to be confused with coconut milk, which consists of coconut flesh and its juice, coconut water is just the clear liquid produced naturally in the coconut.

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This beverage is one of the trends that is here to stay. So before you pick up another few cartons at the store, make sure you’re getting ones that do not have added sweeteners, flavourings or colourings to get the bang for your buck.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the nutritional benefits you’re getting!


1. Boosts skin health

Besides fighting acne, coconut water also has anti-ageing properties as well! Now you can achieve that flawless complexion IRL – no filters needed!

A special type of protein (cytokines) present in coconut water encourages cell growth. Additionally, the vitamin C it contains defends your skin against sun damage.

When used on the skin as a cleanser, coconut water serves to moisturize your face and reduce excess oils.

A little coconut water goes a long way in improving your complexion!

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2. Lowers blood pressure

Yes, coconut water is amongst one of the foods that can reduce one’s blood pressure.

When there is an imbalance of electrolyte levels, high blood pressure can occur. Being dense in electrolytes, coconut water helps to balance out the body’s electrolyte levels and thus reduce blood pressure. There have also been studies which associate drinking coconut water with lower levels of stress and muscle tension, again all thanks to the electrolytes it contains.

As good as a full-body massage!

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3. Electrolyte replenishment

Electrolytes? Isn’t that sweat..or something?

Not just sweat – electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge, including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.

These tiny ions are responsible for keeping us hydrated so that our bodies can function properly. Since our bodies comprise of mostly water, having adequate amounts on electrolytes is important to keep us going.

This especially important for athletes participating in intensive exercises for more than 30 minutes, who require electrolyte and carbohydrates to fuel their workouts.

Offering the same benefits as formulated sports drinks, with the additional benefit of potassium, coconut water is nature’s very own isotonic drink.

However, experts have noted that coconut water needs to be paired with other sources of carbohydrates for those involved in prolonged or endurance exercises,

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4. Blood transfusions

You read that right! Coconut water can be used to rehydrate our bodies in emergencies because it is extremely similar to human plasma.

Most common in WWII during emergencies, this practice still exists today in third world countries. Not to be done without a medical professional!

Let’s just stick to consuming it as a beverage. Coconut water causes less nausea and more fullness than plain water, making it more palatable and thus easier to consume in larger amounts.

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5. Aids digestion

The more fluids consumed, the better it will be for your digestion. Toxins get flushed out, reducing bloating in the process.

As a natural diuretic, it may help to prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones, although there is no scientific evidence of that yet. Nevertheless, no harm giving it a try!

You can also improve your stomach health by integrating coconut water and its flesh into your diet! The highly delectable coconut flesh contains fibre, which promotes the movement of…ahem…materials through the digestive tract.

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Give this tropical fruit a go the next time you need a thirst quencher! As effective as energy drinks, without the synthetics!


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