7 tiny ways to make your life better immediately 7 tiny ways to make your life better immediately
The only constant in life is change. The only question is, is that change for the better or worse? And when? Many a time,... 7 tiny ways to make your life better immediately

The only constant in life is change. The only question is, is that change for the better or worse? And when?

Many a time, change seems inevitable, and probably is.

However, there are changes that you can consciously decide to make to improve your life.

Small waves, big ripples. These are small but effective ways to do so.

1. Let go of perfectionism. It doesn’t exist.

Are you familiar with berating yourself each time you slip up? Thoughts such as “I’m not good enough to do this” start streaming in. After that, it just spirals into a torrent of laments.

Accept that perfectionism is an ideal that doesn’t exist, and don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s no harm in making mistakes – we’re all human. After all, that’s how we learn.

Every one of us is an imperfect human being, trying to live the best life we can.

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2. Live in the moment

Somehow, we always think that the grass is greener on the other side. When we do actually get there..we find that this is not the case.

Our innate desire to be happy constantly leaves us wanting for more and more. We often get caught up in the journey towards happiness that we lose sight of the destination.

Having dinner with your partner or loved ones is a moment of happiness. Being able to meet up with an old friend is happiness.

These moments are everywhere, so don’t miss them by being lost in other things.

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3. Smile more often

Science has proven that when you smile, it triggers a chemical reaction in the brain which releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone.

In other words, you can trick your brain believing you’re happy which then causes actual feelings of happiness. Besides, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

So the next time you’re feeling down, smile! Also a sure way to keep your RBF at bay.

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4. Make wise food choices

It’s time to start taking care of your body. Knowing what you’re eating is a good way to start.

Sure, there are countless diets and detoxes out there, but it boils down to what fits you. Health is a lifestyle, and we should want to eat healthier for our own health, not just for the sake of it.

Part of having a balanced diet does not mean eating salads for each meal, but also should not mean that having pizza every day is fine either.

Take some time to find your own definition of healthy –  something that makes you feel amazing.

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5. Put down your phone

Despite what you may believe, constant smartphone usage will take a toll on our bodies. Emission of blue light is harmful, especially since we’re faced with an onslaught of screens daily – from computer monitors to television screens – we get more than our fair share of blue light.

Frequently looking at a small screen and mindlessly tapping on our phones stimulates our brains unnecessarily, stressing out our bodies.

Life is already stressful enough as it is. Why add to it needlessly? Give yourself a chance to relax by putting down your smartphone.

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6. Stop hitting snooze

When you hit that snooze button on your alarm clock, you may think that you’re squeezing in an extra few minutes of sleep.

On the contrary, by doing so, you actually become even more tired when you do wake up. Your body thinks it’s going back to sleep, only to be rudely jolted awake when your alarm rings again.

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7. Show gratitude

Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, from envy to regret: all of that negativity that you don’t need in your life.

There is indeed a psychological link between your mental health and showing gratitude, effectively increasing one’s happiness levels.

How hard can it be to say a simple word of thanks or even drop someone a note of appreciation?

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