Arm exercises won’t help you lose arm fat Arm exercises won’t help you lose arm fat
Stubborn arm fat can make it difficult to wear a sleeveless dress. We’ve been there, experienced that. Women, especially, are more at risk than... Arm exercises won’t help you lose arm fat

Stubborn arm fat can make it difficult to wear a sleeveless dress. We’ve been there, experienced that. Women, especially, are more at risk than men for storing fat in their arm areas. “Flab”, “sag”, “jiggle”- whatever you call the extra arm fat, we all want out.

The Misconception

Many believe that training a specific part of the body results in fat being lost in that area. This is known as “spot reducing”, which is scientifically proven NOT to work. Think about it: Performing a 100 reps of crunches a day isn’t going to get you a six pack..neither is performing a ton of pushups to get toned arms.

So what works?

The magic formula for fat loss:

Cardio + Strength training

That’s it. There may be some merit in performing isolated exercises, and you may see some changes, nothing drastic.

So is all hope for toned arms lost? Well, the good news is, you can, in fact, tone your arms with these few moves. Pair it with some cardio, and you’ll see the unsightly jiggle melting away in no time!


1. Tricep dip

Want to really feel the burn? Look no further!

You have the freedom to use only your body weight, or add additional weights, making this a weighted dip.

This exercise targets not only your triceps: as time passes, you’ll find your range of motion and upper body strength improving as well.

Who knew that it would be harder than pushups? While you are only supporting part of your body weight in a pushup, a tricep dip requires you to support your full body weight with your arms. Talk about a workout!

Triceps Dips

Image: Popsugar

2. Pull-ups

This one’s a classic for a reason. Working your shoulders, biceps and your entire back, it is a great compound exercise in the gym.

What makes it effective is that this is one of the exercises which works the most muscles at the same time. Instead of running around the gym doing 6 individual exercises, just one exercise will cover them all.

It is so effective that it stars in John Cena’s workout routine. Now you know how to get John Cena-sized biceps.

Pull-ups are definitely going into our workout plans for sure.

grayscale photo of man working out

Pull-ups too easy for you? Slot in variations of pull-ups then! Reverse grip pull-ups or chin-ups work out different parts of your arm, setting you up for a 360° toned arm.

3. Tricep extensions

You’ve probably seen people doing this at the gym. It’s so accessible: Grab a weight and jump into the exercise!

To constantly improve your triceps, pick up with heavier weights as you go along. This forces your muscles to adapt to heavier and heavier loads, pushing them to become stronger.

Your arms are comprised of two-thirds tricep muscles, so sculpt these and your entire arm will definitely look way more toned. For those looking to get bigger arms, this will also help in achieving that goal.

Proper form is a must for this exercise. Keeping your wrists and back straight will protect you from stress injuries, and ensure that the correct muscles are being worked. Hold the position when your arms are fully extended to maximise the effect on your arms.

woman with weight

Image: MYSA

4. Diamond pushups

You’ve done pushups before..what about diamond pushups? These are known to be the most challenging of the pushup variations. Those who have mastered it often boast of their accomplishments.

These work your triceps extra hard and are effective in slimming down the back of your arms. Yes, the area behind which always seems to hold all that pesky fat.

However, don’t be afraid if you’re unable to perform a diamond pushup on the first go- it’s perfectly fine! Even some athletes struggle with this killer exercise as well. Modify it and start with both knees on the ground. Gradually shift into the diamond position as your confidence increases.

Image: Somasoleworkout




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