Causes of thinning hair and how to prevent it Causes of thinning hair and how to prevent it
Hair is always a cause for concern, when you want to look good. Hair taken care of, and perfectly styled, exudes class and confidence,... Causes of thinning hair and how to prevent it

Hair is always a cause for concern, when you want to look good. Hair taken care of, and perfectly styled, exudes class and confidence, but for that you first must have a good head of hair. But if you’ve been dropping more hair than usual, well, it’s not too late to save your hair from falling!

In truth, our hair is affected by much more than we realise, such as the food we eat, the temperature we subject it to, the medicine we take, et cetera et cetera. So learn what mistakes you’re making, and stop them to preserve your hair!


1. Taking steamy showers

Bathing in hot water may be one of the worst things that you can put your hair through. Hot water dehydrates your hair due to the heat, which will cause your hair to dry up and become brittle. Furthermore, your hair’s natural protective oils are being washed away, but the heat forces your pores to produce oil at an accelerated rate, and this may cause damage to the roots of your hair, leading to more shedding. To counteract this, bath in water at the coolest temperature as possible.

2. Using hot styling tools

Again to do with heat, the proteins which make up your hair are damaged by intense heat. The protective cuticle will also be damaged, and will disrupt natural processes protecting your hair, causing your hair to be more prone to breaking. This applies to radiation absorbed from the sun too. Apply heat protection spray in the case that you really need to blow dry your hair, or just use less hot styling tools.

3. Crash dieting

Yes, eating, or in this case, the lack thereof, also has an adverse effect on your hair. As our body requires energy to make hair, starving yourself will deprive your body the energy and protein it needs. What ever little energy they have will be channeled into essential organs such as your brains and heart, thus causing yo to drop hair at a faster rate. Thus, maintain a healthy diet, with proper nutrition.

4. Mishandling wet hair

When hair is wet, they become really fragile. Mostly due to the raisin of the protective cuticle, this means that the hair will fall off extremely easily. Thus, aggressively towelling dry your hair, or brushing your wet hair hard, may cause may strands of hair to be broken. Try and dry your hair by blotting it with a towel instead of rubbing.

5. Wearing tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles, such as a tight ponytail or a braid, is definitely a recipe for disaster when it comes to your hair. No matter how good you may look, the excessive tension placed on the hair follicles weakens them and may cause scarring which permanently prevents hair from growing properly. Like Rapunzel, let down your hair as much as possible so as to relieve it of the tension.

6. Not washing hair often enough

Of course, not washing your hair enough constitutes as bad hair care, and may cause your hair to thin. As not washing your hair may cause product or dandruff to buildup on the scalp, especially when you’re sweating, will cause the hair follicles to fog up. This makes it hard for hair to grow, and will contribute to your hair loss issues.

7. Taking certain medications

Certain medications cause hair loss when taken , such as anti-depressants, thyroid replacement drugs and the like. They disrupt hair growth causing hair to fall out prematurely. Look for alternative medicine which do not have side effects causing hair fall.


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