Best yogurts in Singapore Best yogurts in Singapore
Yogurt is one of the world’s most trending health food, and it’s no different in Singapore. But yogurts come in so many different brands,... Best yogurts in Singapore

Yogurt is one of the world’s most trending health food, and it’s no different in Singapore. But yogurts come in so many different brands, flavours, styles, and not all of them are available here. So HealthLoco has done a little research on the yogurt brands that Singapore actually has on offer, so grab a cup of your favourite yogurt and stick with us as we delve into our findings.

1. Chobani 


A common brand that can be found in most local supermarkets, Chobani is known to be one of the healthier and better yogurt brands in the Singapore market. Although they may not have a diversity of flavours on the shelves, Chobani has both regular and Greek yogurt in store for those who are more selective with their diets.

Chobani yogurt is thick and creamy, yet still manages to capture the flavour and sweetness of the fruit-base in their yogurt.

As for being the healthier choice option, Chobani ensures that their ingredients are not genetically modified, and that the milk they use are from cows which have not been treated by rBST, a bovine growth hormone. Thus, everything that goes into making the yogurt is natural.

Take note, the fruit compote in Chobani yogurt tends to settle to the bottom, so do stir well before consuming.

2. Emmi Swiss 

Emmi Swiss Yogurt

Another yogurt brand that’s easily found in regular supermarkets, Emmi Swiss has a great price for its premium yogurt. Furthermore, this brand of yogurts are low in calories and fats, yet doesn’t compromise on its delicious taste.

Having a wide range of flavours readily available is another one of the plus points for Emmi Swiss yogurts, although unlike the Chobani yogurts, do not stock on any Greek yogurts, and the closest you can get to it are the Greek style yogurts, which are not the same.

If you prize thick and creaminess in your yogurts, then Emmi Swiss may not be for you, but if you prefer your yogurts to be slightly lighter in consistency than usual, you may find a favourite in the Emmi Swiss brand of yogurts.

3. Meiji

Meiji Yogurt

Meiji has to be the most popular yogurt brand in Singapore, being widely available throughout the island. With tons of flavours and types to choose from, Meiji is dominating the yogurt market. However, in place of Greek yogurt, Meiji is more known for its Bulgarian yogurt.

Bulgarian yogurt differs from Greek yogurt in a number of ways, which you can read about here. But it is generally understood that Bulgarian yogurt, which is a staple to the Bulgarians, is much healthier than Greek yogurt.

Although Meiji’s Bulgarian Yogurt may not sound appetising, nor is it packaged to please the eye, let me assure you that the contents more than make up for the presentation of it.

Despite being unflavoured, this Bulgarian yogurt has a distinctly flavourful taste that does not come from artificial sweeteners. However, for those who have a preference for it, Meiji’s Bulgarian yogurt also has a mildly sweetened version.

Being less creamy than Greek yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt may seem rather watery, but after being mixed well, will have an improved pudding-like consistency which goes well with the flavour.


4. Tims Dairy

Tims Dairy

On to the rarer brands of good yogurt in Singapore, Tims dairy may not be a brand which you’ve heard of before. Now to remedy that, Tims Dairy yogurt specializes in their Greek style yogurts, which are smooth and creamy, but not too thick.

The selection of flavours available is delightful, with entries such as Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Raspberry and Honey. The flavouring brings a slight contrast to the sourness of the yogurts, and this pairing gives it a most exquisite taste.

However, Tims dairy yogurts are not usually found in conventional supermarkets, so you may want to try the bigger outlets like the Paragon Marketplace or Cold Storage Jelita.


5. Dairy Farmers 

Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers, a brand from Australia, delivers wholeheartedly on their promise of “Thick and Creamy” yogurt. Delectably rich, the Classic Vanilla flavor tastes almost like vanilla ice cream, just less sweet. The taste of the vanilla bean is definitely strong with this one, as opposed to most other vanilla based yogurts.

Boasting a variety of Thick and Creamy yogurts, many of which look promising, such as the Rhubarb and Vanilla, the Passionfruit and Mango, and even Chocolate and Coconut, Dairy Farmers is definitely a must try for yogurt fans and health nuts alike. They also do have a Greek style yogurt for those with a taste for it.

Like Tims dairy, Dairy Farmers is not widely available, but you can find it at Cold Storage Jelita.



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