Foods to help you sleep better Foods to help you sleep better
Of course, eating right before you sleep is unhealthy, and aside from perhaps causing you to be unable to sleep as your body digests... Foods to help you sleep better

Of course, eating right before you sleep is unhealthy, and aside from perhaps causing you to be unable to sleep as your body digests the food, may lead to certain complications like acid reflux and heartburn. Research has shown that our bodies digest food better sitting or standing, not lying down. That said, there are some foods which, when taken, will help you to sleep easier, and bring you into deeper sleep. However, do bear in mind that you should eat them a few hours before going to bed, and not right before you sleep.


1. Walnuts


Walnuts are abundant in tryptophan, a sleep-enhancing amino acid that aids in the production of serotonin and melatonin, the “body clock” hormone that sets your sleep-wake cycles. Furthermore, walnuts contain their own melatonin, which may help you to get to sleep faster.

2. Shrimp & lobster

Seafood Platter Lobster

Another good source of tryptophan, eating shrimps and lobsters may help you to fall asleep easier.

3. Kale


Now, leafy greens will also help you in your quest for sleep. The calcium it holds helps the brain to process tryptophan to produce melatonin, which will bring about easier sleep. Alternatively, spinach and mustard greens will also provide the calcium you need to sleep well.

4. Honey


Natural sugars in the honey provide the slight insulin boost which will allow tryptophan to enter the brain more easily. Just one spoonful is enough to induce sweet sleep.

5. Cereal with milk

Cereal with Milk

A two-pronged solution for all your sleep issues, cereal with milk provides both carbs and calcium. Both of which works together with tryptophan to help you get to sleep faster and have more rest.

6. Pretzels


Mmm these twisted dough strips have a high glycemic index.  After eating them your blood sugar and insulin levels will receive a natural boost, and this will shorten the time it takes for you to fall asleep. Due to the rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, people prone to diabetes should refrain from eating too much. If you are looking to get some rest, the blood sugar and insulin increase helps tryptophan enter your brain to bring on sleep.

7. Rice

Jasmine Rice

Ah, rice, the Asian staple. Like pretzels above, rice has a high glycemic index, which does wonders for you when you’re trying to sleep. Especially for jasmine rice, which research has shown that amongst all the different types of rice, will be the quickest to make people fall asleep.

8. Cheese & crackers

Cheese and crackers

It has been long said that warm milk can make you sleepy, but the truth is that it’s not just warm milk, but any dairy products that can do the trick. Calcium (found in cheese, yogurt, milk and butter) helps the brain process the tryptophan to manufacture sleep-triggering melatonin. Additionally, calcium also helps regulate muscle movements.

9. Tea

Chamomile Tea

Specifically, passionfruit tea and chamomile tea have the best effect if you want to sleep. These teas relieve stress and relax your muscles, while also acting as a mild sedative to put you to sleep.

10. Tuna


Fish such as tuna and salmon are high in the vitamin B6, which helps your body to produce melatonin and serotonin. Garlic and pistachio nuts are also high in vitamin B6.





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