7 side effects to dyeing your hair 7 side effects to dyeing your hair
Dyeing your hair undoubtedly helps change up your look and image. I mean, nothing says spunk and personality like green or pink hair, or... 7 side effects to dyeing your hair

Dyeing your hair undoubtedly helps change up your look and image. I mean, nothing says spunk and personality like green or pink hair, or perhaps a more rebellious red. But what are you really getting into, when you dye your hair? What are the insidious effects that creep up on you, while you obliviously alter the colour of your hair?


Especially if you change the color of your hair as often as Iron Man changes his armour, and are uninitiated on the side effects of doing so, let HealthLoco enlighten you on the detrimental effects of using hair dye.

1. Allergic Reactions


Paraphenylenediamine which is present in many hair dyes is a common allergen. Itching, redness, swelling on the scalp and skin irritation may result from the use of these dyes. Also, the extended use of permanent hair coloring may cause allergic reactions to develop, even if no allergies were present in the past. People with contact dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis should refrain from using hair dye if possible.

2. Conjunctivitis


Accidents do happen, and when the chemicals in the dye come into contact with sensitive areas, such as your eyes, problems may arise. For example, conjunctivitis, pink eye, and even inflammation of the eye may occur when there is a lack of caution in the use of hair dye.

3. Effects on Fertility


Lead acetate is also commonly used in permanent hair dyes. This compound is toxic and adversely affects human reproductivity and is also carcinogenic in large amounts, according to some studies. Pregnant women should also stay away from using hair dye as it might cause unwanted complications with the unborn infant to arise.

4. Cancer


While there is still no proven link between hair dyes and cancer now, these dyes used to contain carcinogenic compounds. Although these cancer-causing compounds have been replaced, there is still an ongoing debate on whether hair dyes can cause cancer.

5. Overprocessing


Ammonia and Peroxide can be found in many permanent hair dyes. Ammonia breaks through your hair shaft, while the peroxide bleaches out the natural colors of your hair. This damages your hair as it causes your hair to lose its shine, while weakening it and causing your hair to break and fall off easily. It is possible to counteract against overprocessed hair with certain hair care treatments, but usually, only by cutting off your hair can your hair be saved.

6. Asthma


Persulfates, a component in hair dyes, actively aggravate asthma. Breathing in these chemicals may cause lung complications, such as coughing, wheezing, inflammation of the lungs, discomfort in the throat, and ultimately even resulting in asthma attacks.

Hair dyes aggravate asthma because of the persulfates present in them. Continued inhalation of these chemicals leads to coughing, wheezing, lung inflammation, throat discomfort, and also asthma attacks.


However, should you still desire for a change in your hair colour, but unsure how to get that without using hair dyes, you can check out some alternative methods here!


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