Stones even Thanos would avoid Stones even Thanos would avoid
Mind. Power. Reality. Soul. Space. Time. These are the known components of our universe, the very essence of which are held in 6 stones.... Stones even Thanos would avoid

Mind. Power. Reality. Soul. Space. Time. These are the known components of our universe, the very essence of which are held in 6 stones. Whoever has these stones would have the ability to alter the fate of the universe. And in the wrong hands, all is lost.


Infinity stones aside, there is another set of stones that does not bode well for all humanity. Whoever collects all 6 of these “Disability” stones, chances are that they’ll not only turn purple, but they’ll also be in such pain that they won’t even be able to snap their fingers. Let’s take a look at what these stones of terrible power are:

Calcium Stones

Calcium Stone

Photo: Bezokov

Making up almost 80 percent of all kidney stones, this type of kidney stone is made up of calcium and oxalate. Oxalate, though may be found naturally in nuts, fruits and vegetables, is also produced by the liver.

Having too much oxalate in your urine leads to the development of calcium stones. This high oxalate levels may be due to diet issues, too much vitamin D, disorders or even surgery.

However, oxalate isn’t the only compound that causes calcium stones. These stones may also be formed with phosphate, maleate or a combination of these substances.

Uric Acid Stones

Uric Acid Stone

Photo: oryouri

When the urine is too acidic, there is a chance that uric acid stones will be formed. The body produces uric acid in the breaking down of a compound called purine, which is found in high concentration in seafood, most notably in shellfish.

Uric acid stones account for almost 10 percent of kidney stones. This kidney stone is mostly caused by the lack of hydration or having too much purine-rich food.

Men are more likely to develop uric acid stones as compared to women and, for some people, certain genetic factors may cause them to be more vulnerable to these stones.

Struvite Stones

Struvite Stone

Photo: no-gepatit

Struvite stones are the result of the infections of either the urinary tract or the kidney. This happens when the bacteria induces an ammonia build-up in the urine. The composition of struvite stones are magnesium ammonium phosphate, and is a less common form of the kidney stone.

Struvite stones tend to grow rapidly and can become quite large, and may even end up blocking the kidney, ureter or bladder.

Cystine Stones

cystine Stone

Photo: no-gepatit

The rarest form of kidney stone, cystine stones can only be found in people who suffer from a hereditary condition called cystinuria. This causes the kidneys to excrete an excess of certain amino acids. Cystine, a chemical formed in the body, constitutes these stones.

Ultimately, if cystine stones are not treated in haste, may grow quickly and cause kidney failure. These stones account for 1 percent of adult kidney stone cases and 8 percent of kidney stone cases in children.

Cholesterol Gallstones

Cholesterol Gallstones

Photo: Quwenge

Gallstones, unlike kidney stones, are formed in the gallbladder, an organ tasked with storing and releasing bile into your small intestine. These stones are formed from the hardening of digestive juices.

Cholesterol Gallstones are the most common type, formed from the undissolved cholesterol in the body, and are usually the larger gallstones. They come various colours, from yellow to green to black, and are mostly oval in shape.

Pigment Gallstones

pigment stone

Photo: liver.yagata

A buildup of excess bilirubin in the bile may cause the formation of these small type of gallstones. Bilirubin is a natural compound that is unhealthy in excess, and may become so through illness or the consumption of certain drugs.

Treatment of gallstones usually involves the removal of the gallbladder, which we are able to live without. Treatment without removing the gallbladder is possible, but will most likely result in the formation of more gallstones.

Aren’t these stones more insidious and terrifying than the infinity stones? To prevent them, drink plenty of water each day, and live an active and healthy lifestyle!


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