36 exercises ranked based on the calories burnt 36 exercises ranked based on the calories burnt
Seeking the best way to burn calories? HealthLoco understands! In a fast-paced and efficiency-loving time such as this, all we want to do is... 36 exercises ranked based on the calories burnt

Seeking the best way to burn calories?

HealthLoco understands! In a fast-paced and efficiency-loving time such as this, all we want to do is to find the most efficient way to do things, which in this case is to burn calories. Especially for those with a packed schedule and unable to find much time for fitness, knowing which exercise burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time is of great importance. So, HealthLoco has compiled a list of 36 exercises and the corresponding amount of calories burnt in an hour, to aid you in your quest for fitness.

HealthLoco Tip: Exercising on its own doesn’t do much in helping you to lose weight, you have to work on your diet too.

The Mayo Clinic, drawing on research published by the National Institutes of Health, lists 36 popular forms of exercise by their caloric impacts. We’ve ordered them by intensity, starting with the least. However, exact figures will vary across body types, gender, age, and other factors.

One final thing! Take note that it’s not the activities which burn the most calories that are the best, but the activity which you enjoy enough to consistently take part in.

36. Hatha Yoga – 228 Cals/h

Hahat Yoga

Photo: vitonica

Hatha Yoga is chill, and focuses on holding specific positions instead of having a lot of movement involved, thus burning the least amount of calories amongst the other exercises.

35. Slow Walk, 2 mph – 255 Cals/h


Photo: Lacey Raper

Taking an hour-long stroll burns you 255 calories.

34. Bowling – 273 Cals/h


Photo: Benjamin Faust

Bowling, ballroom dancing and practising Tai Chi all burns an approximate 273 calories per hour.

33. Ballroom Dancing – 273 Cals/h

Ballroom Dancing

Photo: Mthai

32. Tai Chi – 273 Cals/h

Tai Chi

Photo: Mark So

31. Canoeing – 319 Cals/h


Photo: Bob Orchard

30. Slow Cycling – 364 Cals/h

Slow Cycling

Photo: Blubel

29. Volleyball – 364 Cals/h


Photo: Jacob Repko

28. Power Yoga – 364 Cals/h


Photo: Artem Bali

Also known as Vinyasa, this form of yoga differs from Hatha Yoga in that instead of holding a pose to concentrate on breathing, Vinyasa transits from position to position often, and is more demanding physically.

27. Golfing (and carrying your clubs) – 391 Cals/h


Photo: Courtney Prather

Carrying your clubs yourself as you travel around the course aids in the burning of 391 calories per hour.

26. Downhill Skiing – 391 Cals/h 

Downhill Skiing

Photo: Nicolai Berntsen

25. A Brisk Walk – 391 Cals/h

Brisk Walking

Photo: archanaskitchen

Well, brisk walking is subjective, so a benchmark brisk speed would be a hundred steps per minute.

24. Low Impact Aerobics – 455 Cals/h

Low Impact Aerobics

Photo: Otnogi

This, and the next 3 exercises burn 455 calories per hour

23. ‘Running’ on the Elliptical – 455 Cals/h


Photo: Modern Stork

22. Resistance Training/Weight Lifting – 455 Cals/h

Old Woman Lift Weights

Photo: MNN

21. Baseball/Softball – 455 Cals/h


Photo: Nathaniel Yeo

20. Water Aerobics – 501 Cals/h

Water Aerobics

Photo: Bellezzasalute

19. Light or Moderate Lap Swimming – 528 Cals/h

Light Swimming

Photo: swimex

18. Hiking – 546 Cals/h


Photo: Jake Melara

17. Rowing Machine – 546 Cals/h

Rowing Machine

Photo: Javier Cantero

16. Water Skiing – 546 Cals/h

Water Skiing

Photo: Tommy Lisbin

15. Cross Country Skiing – 619 Cals/h

Cross Country Skating

Photo: Pozitiven

14. Backpacking – 637 Cals/h


Photo: Aaron Thomas

13. Ice Skating – 637 Cals/h

Ice Skating

Photo: Vince Fleming

12. Racquetball – 637 Cals/h


Photo: Fitness54

11. High Impact Aerobics – 664 Cals/h

High Impact Aerobics

Photo: Studio Zrahz

10. Rollerblading – 683 Cals/h


Photo: Vix

9. A game of Basketball – 728 Cals/h


Photo: The 5th

8. Flag Football – 728 Cals/h

Flag Football

Photo: nicematin

7. Tennis Singles – 728 Cals/h


Photo: Pakobserver

6. Running, 5mph – 755 Cals/h


Photo: Jenny Hill

5.Running up Stairs – 819 Cals/h

Running up Stairs

Photo: Clique Images

4. Vigorous Swimming – 892 Cals/h

Vigorous Swimming

Photo: Chuttersnap

3. Taekwondo – 937 Cals/h


Photo: Uriel Soberanes

2. Jump Rope – 1074 Cals/h

Skipping Rope

Photo: netmola

1. Running, 8 mph – 1074 Cal/h


Photo: 1zoom


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