5 remedies for eyebags and dark circles 5 remedies for eyebags and dark circles
Ah, to be a student during the examination period. You spend so much time studying that you miss out on having a social life, you... 5 remedies for eyebags and dark circles

Ah, to be a student during the examination period. You spend so much time studying that you miss out on having a social life, you lack sleep and feel tired all the time, but still you’ve barely managed to cover a small percentage of all that you have to study for. Then, you look into a mirror.

Thanks to the exams stress, you’ve been given two free dark bags, under your eyes! With a sigh of resignation, you return to your studies and resolve to live out the rest of your student life as an unkempt hermit. But hey, you don’t have to live like that! Here’s how you can slog for academic excellence and still look good.

1. Eye Creams:

Eye Cream

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There are countless brands of eye creams that you can use to alleviate your eye bags and dark circles. Eye creams contain ingredients such as Icelandic kelp and orange peels to reduce puffiness while revitalizing the skin. While although facial cream might do the job, eye creams specialize in the skin around your eyes because it’s been engineered to not irritate your eyes.

2. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers for eyes

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The most commonly seen and used remedy for eye bags, cucumbers have been a staple for those who seek to save their skin from the harshness of stress and age. But why? Cucumbers carry antioxidants and flavonoids which serve to battle redness, inflammation and irritation. Just place a slice over each eye and take a short rest of about half an hour, and you’ll see the wonders of the cucumber.

3. Teabags:


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Now a less commonly used household item, teabags are also a great way to counter those dark eye bags you may have. After you’re done with your tea, don’t throw away the tea bags, but instead, after they’ve cooled down to room temperature, place them on your eyes for about half an hour. It’s bound to get a little messy, but that’s the price you pay for beauty, isn’t it? The caffeine and tannins stimulate blood circulation and helps tighten the skin around your eyes. Drinking tea itself can also help soothe any exam stress you have, so it’s definitely killing two birds with one stone.

4. Egg whites:

Egg White

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Yep, more food stuff! Just beat up an egg and smear the egg white all over your dark circles! Leave it there for 10-15 mins to tone and tighten your skin, before gently rinsing it off. Egg whites also helps with blood circulation and will alleviate puffiness.

5. Cold water:

Cold Water

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Plain ol’ cold water is another au naturel remedy for eye bags, and it can be found ever so easily! Basically just soak a towel in cold water, squeeze out the excess, and lay it over your eyes for a few mins. The coldness will restrict blood flow to the area, reducing swelling and puffiness. If you’re not so keen on using water, this works with a cold spoon too! Just refrigerate two spoons and lay them over your eyes if need be, and hey, goodbye eye bags!

Now that you’re looking and feeling so much more refreshed, you’re free to go forth and conquer your examinations!


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