Coming clean with comfort food ideas Coming clean with comfort food ideas
You’ve had a terrible day. Nothing seems to be going right. You’ve no one to turn to because everyone’s too preoccupied with their own... Coming clean with comfort food ideas

You’ve had a terrible day. Nothing seems to be going right. You’ve no one to turn to because everyone’s too preoccupied with their own business. But look who’s here! It’s Comfort Food Man!! And he’s brought all sorts of comfort food to cheer you up!

Huh? But wait a minute, it’s all the chocolate and ice cream and fried chicken… You, being a firm believer in the healthier choice and who doesn’t approve of the standard fare of comfort food, are devastated. But don’t despair, we here at Healthloco have got your back! Here are some simple yet delectable comfort food you can prepare and tuck into without compromising on your healthy diet. On the savory side, we have these contenders:

1. Pizza:

Healthy Pizza

Photo: Edgar Castrejon

Well, who doesn’t love pizza? But can pizza really be a healthy comfort food? Yes! Just swap out the plain crust for a tortilla or whole-grain one and replace the sinful meatiness with greens such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and onions, while also adding cheese that has a stronger flavor such as cheddar or gorgonzola so that you don’t need too much of it.

2. Spaghetti & Meatballs:

Healthy Spaghetti

Photo: Jason Leung

Another favorite of the people, nothing says comfort more than stuffing your face with those long strands of heavenly delight. However, instead of using the standard spaghetti, go for whole-wheat(unless you have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease) or quinoa pasta. Also, substituting chicken or turkey for beef when making the meatballs will reduce your saturated fat intake, which will preserve your waistline. To top the dish, we recommend Prego Marinara sauce, made from simple ingredients with no dodgy additives, yet not compromising on its great taste.

3. Burgers:

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Photo: Flowersinspace

Who says burgers can’t be healthy? If you know what you’re doing, burgers can be a guilt-free snack to dig into. Try replacing the buns with the caps of portobello mushrooms, which are basically burger buns made by mother nature. As for the filling, a minced beef patty should suffice, but use less seasoning, and don’t skimp on the veggies! Compliment your burger with a large amount of lettuce, onions and tomatoes, and voila, you’re in for a treat.

And now, for the sweet:

1. Pancakes:

Pancakes and yogurt

Photo: Midwest Diary

For some low carb pancakey goodness, try making your pancake with coconut flour and almond flour. Especially if you’re into the keto diet craze, coconut flour and almond flour is definitely what you need for your pancakes! Topped with some greek yogurt, and chopped fruits and nuts, this dessert is a perfectly healthy way to satiate that sweet tooth.

2. French Toast:

French Toast

Photo: Joseph Gonzalez

Mmmm toast soaked in egg! Go one step further and use whole grain cinnamon raisin bread instead of the standard white bread, while removing the egg yolk and using only egg whites. Include some fruits too for a truly sensational healthy snack!

3. Belgian Waffles:

Belgium Waffles

Photo: Rachel Park

Which emotional healing process is truly complete without waffles? Just add some pumpkin puree into your waffle mix to justify the creation of such a marvelous delight, then end off with some sliced bananas or fresh berries.




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