5 Popular weight loss myths 5 Popular weight loss myths
Weight loss is a ubiquitous topic that is widely discussed and popular among all genders. By GIPHY With so much input on this topic,... 5 Popular weight loss myths

Weight loss is a ubiquitous topic that is widely discussed and popular among all genders.


With so much input on this topic, it is hard to identify which are the truths and which are purely misleading and false information. Here are 5 popular weight loss myths which will be debunked in this article!

1. “Low-fat” or “Low-sugar” foods will help me lose weight

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True. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume, and such products do achieve that effect as they are relatively lower in calories. However, in order for this to be effective, it needs to be done in combination with consistent exercising. In addition, do take note that certain low-fat foods, such as flavoured yogurt, tend to be high in sugar while certain low-sugar foods, such as diabetic chocolates, tend to be high in fat.

2. My breast size will not be affected by my weight loss


False. Fats make up the majority of our breast tissue, which is why it is inevitable for your breast size to decrease when you lose weight. Depending on how your fat is distributed, your breasts may or may not be the first area to reduce in size. This is the same for weight gain, whereby some people gain weight in their breasts first while others gain weight in their thighs and other areas.

3. I’m worried that if I exercise too much to lose weight, I will end up looking muscular instead


False. This is dependent on the types of exercises you choose to do. Cardio exercises, such as running and aerobics, are great exercises to lose weight without promoting muscle gains. In addition, if you do not eat to bulk (consuming more calories so that they can be converted into muscles), exercises such as weight lifting actually don’t really make you muscular.

4. Intensive exercises are all I need to lose weight


False. Exercising itself is not sufficient for effective weight loss. It must be combined with a strict diet, to prevent consuming equal or more amount of calories than what you burnt during your workout. In addition, intensive exercises may be detrimental to your health as there are higher chances of sustaining an injury or joint problem.

5. Crunches is the way to flat and toned stomach


False. While crunches do work those abdominal muscles, they are not the only way to achieve a flat stomach. Here are some other effective workouts to tone your stomach. In order to achieve tummies as flat as that of a bikini model, you need to combine regular exercises with appropriate diet planning. Cut down on starchy food such as rice and potatoes, and definitely avoid foods that are high in sugar. Switch your meals to include lean meats, fish, and eggs for a protein boost.

Are your weight loss beliefs true or false? Do not let false information mislead your diet journey. There are no shortcuts to weight loss! The most effective way is to combine an effective workout routine with a strict diet, so as to achieve healthy weight loss results.

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