5 types of Insomnia 5 types of Insomnia
Have you experienced one too many sleepless nights, and never understood why you just can’t fall asleep? By GIPHY You’re suffering from insomnia, which... 5 types of Insomnia

Have you experienced one too many sleepless nights, and never understood why you just can’t fall asleep?


You’re suffering from insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that prevents you from catching up with your sleep debts. There are many causes of insomnia, and by learning about the type of insomnia you’re experiencing, you can find out what may help to cure you of these sleepless nights.

1. Insomnia caused by inconsistent schedules


If you do not have a daily eating routine or a bedtime routine to stick to, chances are that your daily activities are all over the place. Your brain feels confused as it is unable to predict and condition itself in advance for the next activity. This affects your brain’s ability to jump into sleep mode when you’re in bed.

If you find that you constantly wake up way earlier before your morning alarm, don’t feel the need to be productive and engage yourself in an intense morning workout. That will only train your brain into thinking that you need to wake up earlier to workout. It is highly advisable to engage in some slow and calming activities such as reading, which will avoid screwing up your body clock.

2. Misaligned insomnia


Apparently, fatigue and lack of sleep are two different elements that should be viewed separately. Sleeping is not the most accurate and effective solution to cure fatigue. If what you’re experiencing is a lack of bodily energy, you should increase your intake of vitamin D or B12 to refuel your body. If you’re mentally tired and sleepy, then that may mean you have a sleep issue that needs to be addressed.

3. Insomnia caused by going to bed too early


If all you wanted was to get more sleep but found yourself wide awake for the whole night instead, chances are that your idea of repaying your sleep debt has backfired. On average, it is advisable that everyone gets about 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep should come to you naturally after a short moment of laying in bed. However, if you find that you’ve been tossing and turning in bed for more than an hour and still don’t seem to be able to knock out, it means that you’re going to bed too early. Don’t waste those few hours trying to coax yourself to sleep, put them to good use!

4. Insomnia caused by sleeping pills


If you’ve tried all kinds of natural remedy in an attempt to solve your insomnia but to no avail, sleeping pills may help to alleviate your condition. However, if you’ve been taking sleeping pills for about one to two months and have started relying on the pills to get some sleep, be prepared to experience even worse insomnia for the next two weeks from the day you try to ditch your pills.

A better way to quit the pills would be to ask your doctor to reduce your pills’ dosage by half each week until you are off them completely.

5. Insomnia caused by anxiety


Don’t get too worked up worrying about your sleep. This will only heighten your anxiety which may keep you awake even longer than before. There is no need to worry about all the fear associated with insomnia because in the end, all insomnia can cause is tiredness the next day. So leave all the worries aside and allow your body and mind to drift slowly into sleep.

Keep your moods and emotions calm before bed. Meditation is a good way to calm your mind and promote sleep.


Keep your bedroom temperature moderate at about 20 degrees celsius to improve sleep quality. Also, avoid napping in the day and refrain from drinking any beverage with caffeine. Lastly, try not to check the time and also stop using your phone the moment you lay down in bed. Sweet dreams!

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