Can coffee help with weight loss? Can coffee help with weight loss?
Are you a heavy drinker? No, it’s not alcohol I’m referring to, it’s coffee! Many people are addicted to coffee, and cannot seem to... Can coffee help with weight loss?

Are you a heavy drinker? No, it’s not alcohol I’m referring to, it’s coffee! Many people are addicted to coffee, and cannot seem to start their day right without a cup of caffeine. However, depending on your coffee preferences, your daily cup of coffee may or may not be adding on to your weight.

1. How many calories are in your coffee?


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Many people have a misconception that their coffee is fattening, but in actual fact, the main culprits behind the calorie count are the additional ingredients mixed into your coffee – sweetener, flavorings, cream or milk.

A regular cup of black coffee only contains about 2 calories, but adding 1 teaspoon of sugar increases the calories by 16. 2 tablespoons of whipping cream add 101 calories, and even fat-free milk adds about 5 calories per tablespoon to your coffee. Do the maths and find out the number of calories you consume in your daily brew.

2. What is the best coffee for weight loss?


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I think this comes as a no-brainer by now. Black coffee (without additional ingredients) is the best option for weight loss as it is almost a calorie-free beverage which you can indulge in without guilt, especially when you’re dieting.

If you absolutely cannot take your coffee plain, opt for a skinny latte, which is a healthier coffee option to help cut back on calories. Skinny lattes are usually made with non-fat milk and sugar-free flavoring, allowing the beverage to contain only half the number of calories compared to its regular version.

3. How does coffee help with weight loss?

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Caffeine in coffees and some other beverages help to speed up our metabolism rate up to 10%. This is because caffeine increases our blood pressure and the activeness of our nervous system, allowing the body to burn calories for energy faster.

In addition, coffee provides a brief appetite-suppressing effect, helping you to curb your food cravings and reducing the amount of food you may consume. Caffeine also provides an energy boost, allowing you to stay in top condition during your dieting periods and help you survive your intense workout.

4. Can I rely solely on coffee to lose weight?


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A weight loss plan needs to be all-rounded. Besides watching what you eat, it is important to keep up with your workout routines. Relying solely on coffee alone will not deliver effective and efficient weight loss results. Consuming black coffee is a great alternative to high-calorie soft drinks, but it only helps to minimize your calorie counts and has minimal effects on actual reduction of your weight.

5. Side effects of coffee

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The caffeine in coffee may cause insomnia, nervousness, stomach discomforts, nausea, vomiting and rapid heart rates. Thus, it is highly advisable that we consume a moderate amount of coffee, capping at 4 cups of coffee per day.

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Go ahead, drop by your nearest Starbucks now and indulge in a skinny latte or a cup of aromatic black coffee! Moderate consumption of coffee can help to reduce your calorie intake and speed up metabolism rates, assisting you in your weight loss journey.

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