5 Eye health tips everyone should know 5 Eye health tips everyone should know
Our peepers are one of the most important assets we possess. They are the windows to our soul, and one of the senses we... 5 Eye health tips everyone should know

Our peepers are one of the most important assets we possess. They are the windows to our soul, and one of the senses we rely the most on. This also implies that we often overstrain our eyes, and pay little attention to minor discomforts felt in the area.

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If you experience the following symptoms, it means your habits and daily activities are stressing your eyes out.

  • Sore, burning or itching eyes
  • Watery or dry eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Headaches
  • Sore neck, shoulders or back
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Experiencing difficulty in keeping your eyes open

Do not ignore these symptoms as they are warning signs which your eyes are trying to convey to you. We only have one pair of eyes, it is thus important to ensure that we take good care of them! Here are 5 eye health tips to ensure your eyes are healthy!

1. Computer brightness


If you spend long hours in front of your computer screen, make sure you adjust your screen’s brightness to suit your surroundings. If you find the screen too glaring, you need to reduce the screen brightness. If the things on your screen look dull and greyish, you need to increase your screen brightness. Overly bright or dark screens make your eyes work extra hard, especially when you’re reading small texts on the computer.

2. Food consumption plays a part


Improve your eye health naturally by consuming foods that are beneficial to your eyes! Try whole grains which are rich in vitamin E, zinc and niacin. They help to reduce the risk of a disease known as macular degeneration. Dairy products are also great for your peepers as they are rich in vitamin A that helps to protect your eyes from bacteria and infections. Fruits are a must have in your diet as they supply vitamin C to your body to slow down the progression of cataracts which may cause blindness. In addition, vision supplements can also help to boost the vitamins needed to sustain eye health!

3. Remove your makeup properly


Probably one of the most neglected steps in our daily routine, ensuring that you have completely removed all your makeup plays a huge part in maintaining your eye health. This is because makeup residue can clog the glands around your eyes, causing irritation and nasty styes. Always try to double cleanse by using a cleansing oil, balm or micellar water to remove the gunk on the surface of your skin before proceeding into a deep water-based cleanse. This helps to ensure your skin is rid of all impurities and reduce the risks of clogged pores.

4. Proper handling of contact lenses


If you’re a frequent wearer of contact lenses, you would have realized by now that contact lenses are not the most convenient to care for. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before you wear or remove contact lenses, and store them in brand new contact lens solution. Never reuse the solution! Fill the cases with sufficient water to submerge the contact lenses into. Also, do not wear expired contact lenses. Make it a habit to track when a pair of bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses are expiring, and remember to throw them out when the day arrives. Wearing expired contact lenses can be very uncomfortable and cause infections that may lead to blindness. In addition, never ever wear your contact lenses to sleep!

5. Wear spectacles


If you’re working in the office and constantly staring at the computer, chances are that you will find your eyes to be really tired and dry by the end of the day if you wear contact lenses. Prevent overstraining and suffocating your eyes by switching to a pair of glasses with an updated prescription. Your eyes will appreciate the switch as spectacles do not suffocate your peepers and they will be less prone to dryness.


Bade goodbye to tired and blood-shot eyes, embrace healthy and beautiful eyes! Your chances of experiencing vision problems increase as you age, so it’s best to start caring for your pair of peepers when you’re younger!

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