5 Foods that’s giving you a tummy 5 Foods that’s giving you a tummy
Long hours of sitting at the desk, chomping down on snacks, and destressing with one too many bottles of beer after work add on... 5 Foods that’s giving you a tummy

Long hours of sitting at the desk, chomping down on snacks, and destressing with one too many bottles of beer after work add on to the spare tire forming around your waist.


While it’s completely fine to eat and be merry, your self-confidence may be taking a hit while your tummy expands. Here’s a list of food that may be giving you a belly! It’s best to cut down on these foods because they are burdensome to your digestive system and may lead to other more serious health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases.

1. Fruit Juice

fruit juice

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Surprise, surprise! While freshly pressed fruit juices are packed with vitamins, they actually have a high sugar content. Each cup of juice you consume contains about 36 grams of sugar, equivalent to downing 4 glazed donuts! Say what?! Also, juices contain fructose, the culprit behind your belly fat. Replace your juices with fruits infused water! Keep the peels on when you add slices of oranges and lemon into your water. The peels are packed with antioxidant d-limonene, which helps to detoxify your body!

2. French Fries


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We all know that this tasty side dish is bad for our health, but we still indulge in it anyway. High carb foods are bound to increase your weight, but french fries double the unhealthiness by being deep fried and oily. Opt for a salad or apple slices the next time you hit the fast food restaurant!

3. Pizzas


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It takes some serious sacrifices to lose the fats around your waist. Pizza turns out to be one of them, thanks to its generous contribution of saturated fat. In addition, these delicious slices may cause artery clogging. The next time you’re craving for a pizza, go for a whole-grain bagel topped with tomatoes instead!

4. Diet Sodas

diet soda

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Even though diet sodas may be a better choice than your favourite sugary beverage, it doesn’t make them any healthier for your body. The best way to do this, is to completely eliminate sodas from your diet. These beverages, diet version or not, still contain a high amount of calories that adds on to your waist circumference. Opt for green tea or Oolong tea instead, which are rich in catechins to help promote weight loss!

5. Potato Chips

potato chips

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My favourite snack no doubt, but potato chips top the chart when it comes to causing belly fats. Firstly, they contain high saturated fats, forming your spare tire. Secondly, they are salty enough to cause bloating. Thirdly, just look at the number of calories they contain. To top it off, they are addictive, meaning that your “small treat” will probably evolve into an entire bag of chips. Oh no. Instead of potato chips, grab a bag of brown rice chips which is a healthier option to tide you through the days where you desperately need to sink your teeth into a snack.

Ditch these 5 types of food, and incorporate a workout routine into your lifestyle for effective tummy deflation!

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